Stop Stress

Written By: Ava Glassen, Carly Yasko, and Amanda Wertheimer
The Best Ways to Not Stress Out During Finals
With the school year coming to an end and summer nearing closer, it is easy to lose focus on tests, homework, and other things school-related. But before the fun of summer can begin, everyone first has to get through finals and AP testing. As the countdown until the end of school begins and finals quickly approaching, it can be natural to stress out and lose patience. Especially at this time of year, it's important to stay focused and calm throughout the last couple of weeks. Here are a few tips to help you to keep pushing through the end of the school year:
  1. Make sure to get enough sleep leading up to and during finals week. Although you might feel like you need to stay up late and cram in studying and homework, getting a decent amount of sleep will ultimately help you the most.
  1. Study in advance, so that you do not have to stay up late. By beginning to study in the weeks leading up to finals, it leaves less on your plate during finals week. With less to do during that week, you will be left a lot calmer and less stressed out. It will also make it easier to get enough sleep before your tests because you will have less to do.
  1. Plan out your after school activities- between sports, clubs or anything else that you are involved in, you can easily “over-book” yourself. Make sure that you are giving yourself enough time to get your homework done before you plan anything else.
  1. Stay organized and on top of any work and studying you have by using a planner. By using a planner you have your whole schedule laid out before you, so that you can plan out when you will study and do any extra homework you may have.
  1. Study strategically: start studying things that you know will definitely be on the test. It is important that you start with things that are on the test for sure, in case you run out of time and cannot finish studying.
  1. Get some exercise if you are ever feeling too stressed out. Go on a walk or run just to get your mind off of the idea of all of the tests. Overthinking your tests will not help or change the results at all.
Ultimately, the most important thing to do during finals week is to stay calm, relaxed, and confident. Maintaining a positive mindset will keep yourself, focused a ready to go. Just know that doing your best on finals will send you into summer feeling on top of it and accomplished. Do not let your workload get to you, take a deep breathe, and just realize that summer is just around the corner, so leave all your hard work on the table because you have nothing to lose.

AP & IB Advice

By: Lily Robertson and Elizabeth Peters We all know how much work a regular class at Newport Harbor requires but the enhanced AP and IB classes are even tougher. To survive these classes you must work extra hard and make sure you do all of your work. Amanda Neimic suggests “To keep a good grade, you should always be on your homework and know your material because we usually have tests every other week, since the class moves really fast. It helps me to study by watching crash course videos and studying on flash cards. Also, to keep a good grade, it's really hard to miss a day in class because you miss so much and have to try and catch up.” In other words falling behind in class is not an option. When taking an AP or IB class think about why you are taking it, do you actually like the subject?Megan Michael tells “AP classes are a lot more work than people think. The best thing to do is to pay close attention to the details of lectures, especially if it's a history class. Don't depend on the grade bump to save you, you should strive for the best score and think of the grade bump as a bonus. If you're truly interested in the subject and see yourself perusing something later in life that uses that subject, then you should take it. Don't do it just to pile on the APs for college because getting a good grade is a challenge but worth it if you try your best.” Sometimes AP or IB Classes can help you learn to deal with a heavy workload and it is important to have good study habits. Jillian Russel says “being in IB and AP classes can be very challenging at times when it comes to maintaining the work load. I think what has helped me the most is staying organized and using apps like Quizlet to help me study.” When taking these classes it is important to remember that you need to be able to stay awake in the class. “My advice would be don't compromise your sleeping to study, it won't help,” remarks Jessica Woodruff. However if AP and IB classes are really what you want to take it is worth it in the end. “My advice for anyone taking an AP class, no matter what subject, is to be prepared for a heavy amount of homework and harder tests than normal classes. But, in the end, all your hard work is worth it because you have a better understanding of the subject than you did before!” Helen Coyne states. As long as you try your best and do all work necessary, the AP and IB classes will be manageable. We hope the advice provided will help you either decided whether or not to take the advanced classes or help you with getting a great grade. Good luck to you all!

Grade Wars Rally

Once a year, a group of students from each grade join together to compete in a series of events during an assembly. ASB worked hard the past couple weeks to put the props and games in order for this assembly. Paige Warmington, a junior on ASB, said that “ASB did a good job managing [everything] in the short amount of time we had to prepare” and the best part of the rally was “definitely the class involvement because it gets everyone hyped about going to Harbor.” All of the competitors enter the competition hoping to bring glory to their grade. The participants competed in a total of three main events: the hungry hippos game, apple tea game, and the trash can game. To compete in the hungry hippos game, each team is given a skateboard, bucket, and large trash bin. One participant pushes the other, who is laying on the skateboard, and they have to capture as many small balloons as possible using their bucket. The seniors brought home the win in this game. In the apple tea game, two participants, each from different grades, are attached together by a bungee rope and they face opposite directions. One participant is attempting to grab an apple off of a baseball-batting tee using only their mouth, while the other participant is running in the opposite direction. In the girl’s round, the juniors won but in the boy’s round, the seniors won leaving the score to be 2-1 with the seniors in the lead. The final game, the trash can game, involved people from each grade in a circle around a large trash bin holding onto each other by a rope. The object of the game was to pull people using the ropes so that they hit the trash bin. If you hit the trash bin or fell over, you are out of the game. The junior boys dominated against all other grades and the so did the junior girls during this game. The two wins from the juniors during this game put them ahead, 3-2. The junior class won the grade wars 2017! The winning class from these competitions then competed in a relay race against the staff team. To complete the relay race, participants had to first complete a bottle flipping challenge, where they had to flip and land a water bottle, cone, and trash can. After flipping all of these items, the participants then had to run and knock down boxes while in an inflatable hamster ball. The final step of the relay race was to throw and make “baskets” into multiple cans. Whoever completed the relay first wins. This was a very exciting rally because it was one of the first times the juniors have ever beat the seniors in Grade Wars! Written By: Ava Glassen & Carly Yasko