Boys Varsity Volleyball

Newport Harbor’s Varsity Boys Volleyball team is in the midst of a phenomenal season and they are looking for not only a Sunset League victory but a section title as well. The last time the Sailor boys won the Division I title some of the people on the team were not born yet; it was 17 years ago in 1999.

Currently, the Sailors are tied with the Huntington Beach Oilers for first place (each 7-1 in league). If both teams win their remaining two games, the league’s top seed would go to Newport Harbor who has more points in their match ups. The Sailors and the Oilers are battling it out this season. At their first meeting, the Sailors snapped Huntington Beach’s unbelievable national record 121- match winning streak by defeating the Oilers in four sets. In their next meeting, the Oilers, who are reigning section champions, beat the Sailored21627b-ec71-46c0-b1e9-772a15ac3ae6s also in four sets. Making the rivalry even more interesting is that second year Sailor Coach, Rocky Ciarelli, previously coached the Oilers for 24 years. Despite the loss, the expectations are still high for the Sailors,51bc6d47-7870-4b37-b475-4a782a486b7d as they believe they will win the remaining games of the season. The Sailors look forward toward the bright future, as they are a very young team with six underclassmen and only one senior. Cole Pender, a sophomore outside hitter, has led the team along with freshman outside hitter Dayne Chalmers, sophomore middle blocker Ethan Tally, junior opposite Landon Monroe, junior middle blocker Spencer Lawrence, junior setter Carlos Rivera and junior libero Max Toffel. All starters have multiple years left in their high school careers; so fans at Newport Harbor should be expecting great achievements from their volleyball team in the years to come.a765a170-61fa-43be-87ff-d04010515214 Written By: Eann McKasson

JV Girls LAX

53913451-1d20-42f2-a834-283d2d3f553cThe 2016 girls JV and JV Blue teams have found the season so far to be very successful, both teams have seen positive results from the effort they have put into playing the game this year.The girl’s lacrosse teams have been doing very well all season and it comes from the teams putting in all the time in practice, carrying out the drills, finishing parfait fitness days, and runs through the back bay. The Junior Varsity team’s record is 13-1-1 and the JV Blue team had a 14-0-0 record going into the last few weeks of the season that they have left. Beginning new sports in high school offers a variety of opportunities and lacrosse is no exception to that.d89f19dd-41b3-430f-bcf6-a28511ff6aec JV Blue player, Delaney Knipp says, “Lacrosse has completely changed my life. By joining my team I have become friends with a group of girls I never would have seen myself with otherwise. Everyone is incredibly supportive and through the team my confidence has spiked upwards. Also my favorite part of playing lacrosse is that you get to run fast and that it is a speed game. ” When asked about what contributes to the JV wins, 7215db5c-6767-45bd-9bd4-a3217e7bebfaSarah Sheldon said, “I believe our wins reflect how much work we put into our practices. We are constantly improving. Also as a team we are friends so playing together is natural. The reason why I play lacrosse is because it is fun!” Another player of the JV Blue team, Jade Rettig, shares that her favorite part of joining the lacrosse team this year is “getting to know my team and playing the games.” Lacrosse combines the mental and physical strength of every player on the field because strength in those areas are key to finishing out the fifty minute game. The development of this part of the game along with the actual skill of playing lacrosse can be thanks to the coa5e5455ad-eb62-47e2-83b8-2103179c19bcches and dedication of the players. Written By: Andie Lee  

Diving to Success

IMG_2771.JPGFrom 6 am practices to dry land workouts, our waterpolo team has trained vigorously for this year's season. The team ended victoriously winning 20 games out of the 25 they played. Erin and Maddie Ross have been playing for 5 years, and as freshmen they played their first year on the Newport Harbor team. Erin was very proud with the teams progress and also with how strong and close the team was, as she tells us “I loved it. The whole team became very close from all the morning practices and the afternoon practices.” IMG_5421Her good experience also extends to how she loved that “Everyone is so kind to each other and everyone bonded. Even the freshmen and seniors.” Ending the season with success, swim season has just started for spring. IMG_5267It is during this time that swimmers begin diving in Newport Harbor’s pool, and Waterpolo continues training. As polo players and swimmers train together this season, we wish that swim season will also have great success. Go Sailors! Written By: Solange Pinon

Captains Ready To Wrestle

c1088537-b58c-4783-be76-1f4be18b27df The Newport Harbor wrestling team had a great season this year under their two senior captains, David Santos (left) and Harrison Reich (right)! I even had an opportunity to interview David who went to the CIF finals and heard about his experience as a wrestler. He told me that being picked for captain "felt really great" because "[he] wasn't expecting it" and "[he] was glad his teammates chose him out of all of the seniors." David also told me that his favorite moment of the season was when he and his team "[woke] up at nine o'clock in the morning to go to a fundraiser" and that they "had a lot of fun bonding at the beach" together. Lastly, after being on the wrestling team for all four years of high school, he said that he learned that "it was really tough until [he] let [himself] think [he was] able to do it" and that the key to success "is all about mentality." David and Harrison did a wonderful job in leading their team to many victories this season and one day their fellow teammates will take on the positions as captains, following in their footsteps. Until next season wrestlers! Picture: Senior captains, David Santos (left) and Harrison Reich (right). By Jillian Birt-Russell

Boys Basketball Season

IMG_0657 The Basketball experience Newport Harbor’s Varsity Boys Basketball’s 2015-2016 season can be described as thrilling. When they beat Huntington Beach in overtime in early February, they became the seventh Newport Harbor team to record 20 wins. When they defeated Edison 61-51 at home, they ended a 15-game losing streak to the Chargers. It was an awesome season but it came to a disappointing finish with the first round playoff loss to Perris High School 52-44. In the words of sophomore six foot seven inches center Josh Phillips, “it was a quick playoff experience.” The Sailor boys finished 6-4 in league and 21-7 in the entire season, the team felt “pretty good” about the direction their season went. The highlight of the varsity season was definitely the win over Edison at home. It was the first victory for the Sailors against Edison since the 2007-2008 season and, as they split the season series in a tie for 2nd place, a coin flip determined the league’s No.2 entry into the CIF Southern Section Division 2AA playoffs. The Sailors lost the coin toss and ended up having to face a more difficult playoff opponent than Edison. It was the 4th year in a row that the Sailors have made the CIF Playoffs. The Newport Harbors Junior Varsity Basketball team also had a good season that ended as the boys finished second in league with a 6-4 league record and an all around record of 21-6. IMG_0656 “We started off good at first but [we] did not finish well,” said JV starter RJ Haskell. Haskell described his JV experience as all round “good support from the guys.” The highlight of the JV season came as they defeated cross-town rival Corona Del Mar in the Battle of the Bay game. The Newport Harbor Freshmen Basketball team had an epic season finishing 10-0 in league with first place and 24-0 in the entire season. This was thought the first undefeated boys basketball at any level ever. In the words of freshman James McConnaughey, “it was fun winning” and their coach, Coach Offer “an amazing coach and he helped us be prepared for every game.” Pictures: Left- JV Team, Right- Charlie Stassel on Varsity Written by Eann McKasson

Kicking it Off

Although season has not officially started for the JV girl’s soccer team, they have already played a number of games for their pre-season. Sophomore player, Sammy Kerrigan, describes the first few games, “We were not getting the results we wanted and that made it tough to keep a good morale, but this team has been able to be positive and because of that I think we are improving. Even though the beginning games have not been what most of us expected, we are continuing to get better.” Despite the lack of results, joining the soccer team has opened up the opportunity for the girls to make new friendships. Another Sophomore player, Sarah Sheldon, says “Whether or not we win or lose, getting to play alongside my new and old friends is really fun. Since this is my second year on the team I get to play with some of the people I became friends with from being on the Frosh-Soph team. Also we plan to do a lot of team bonding this year that I am looking forward to.” When January comes around the girl’s JV team will be ready for the upcoming season.

The Pep Squad’s Victory

The Newport Harbor Pep Squad show their spirit at sports events, perform at school rallies, and endure rigorous practices everyday. But when they aren't cheering on campus, they are competing in competitions. Early this December, they attended a SHARP cheerleading competition at Alta Loma High School where they took first place overall! Varsity Cheer, Varsity Song, and Varsity Baton won first in their division and the JV Cheer team took second! They represented NHHS with their difficult stunts, tumbling, and dance routines! Because they scored so high, they will be attending a Las Vegas competition in the Spring! Way to go Sailors!

Varsity Girls Water Polo

Girls water polo started out the season strong with their first game on December 5th at Newport Harbor. First year varsity sophomore, Kaela Whelan, described being on the team as "a very fun and different experience. Girls are very strong and fast so I knew that I needed to step up my playing to be able to stick with them." In order to bring the team together and go forth stronger, varsity bonded by "get[ing] food a lot. Sometimes [they] will see movies together, go to the beach, or just hang out at a teammate's house and relax," said Whelan.
Their most recent game was the Battle of the Bay against Corona Del Mar on December 18th. Kaela Whelan said going into the game, "Our team came in with a determined mindset to play to the best of our abilities and  play as hard as we can for all four quarters." Altogether, they played a strong game and the stands were packed with roaring fans as they cheered them on throughout the entire game.
Kaela concludes that so far her favorite part of varsity water polo has been "learning new skills everyday and becoming a better player. And also becoming closer with my teammates. They are all amazing my girls who are like my sisters." Come and support Kaela and the rest of girls water polo before the season ends! Schedule and roster posted below.image2

CIF Individuals Varsity Tennis: Jenn Kingsley

Tennis wraps up their season and finishes off CIF Individuals with incredible results. Varsity Tennis takes back the title of Sunset League Champions after beating Los Alamitos in season, and they also ranked #2 in Orange County. With confidence, Kendall Cosenza, Anna Burke, and Jenn Kingsley headed into CIF Individuals. Jenn Kingsley, senior, is #1 singles on Newport’s Varsity Tennis team. Kingsley was a finalist in CIF and won the first set 6-4 but lost the second 5-7 and had a score of 7-10 in a super tie breaker. Despite the loss, she is “proud of [her] accomplishment,” and it was “one of the best [matches she has] ever played.” unnamed-2 Jenn Kingsley is Sunset League Singles Finalist. Anna Burke and Kendall Cosenza are Sunset League Doubles Finalists.Jenn is one of five senior captains. Others are Kendall Cosenza, Anna Burke, Olivia Zehnder, and Elle Zielinski. Besides leading by example as shown through Kingsley’s success, she “leads [her team] with a competitive mindset but yet still keeping the teams well-being in mind. [She] pushes people to their full potential because [she] knows everyone involved in the Newport Harbor Tennis program is capable of such success.” Being a captain not only entails her to lead varsity, but also the other teams, Junior Varsity and the Freshman/Sophomore, who look up to her and desire to follow her footsteps. unnamed-1 Anna Burke and Kendall Cosenza are Sunset League Doubles Finalists. Jenn is one of five senior captains. Others are Kendall Cosenza, Anna Burke, Olivia Zehnder, and Elle Zielinski. Besides leading by example as shown through Kingsley’s success, she “leads [her team] with a competitive mindset but yet still keeping the teams well-being in mind. [She] pushes people to their full potential because [she] knows everyone involved in the Newport Harbor Tennis program is capable of such success.” Being a captain not only entails her to lead varsity, but also the other teams, Junior Varsity and the Freshman/Sophomore, who look up to her and desire to follow her footsteps. Newport Harbor says farewell to those five senior captains as they head off to college next fall. Kinsley will continue her tennis career in college. Jenn describes what she will miss most about the season which is “the unity [they] have and how [they] are all like sisters, there is not one girl [she] would hesitate to call if [she] needed anything and vice versa.” She will take Coach Kristen Case’s advice with her through life. She has learned to “keep working toward goals no matter how far away the deadline is” and “give 100% in everything.” Kingsley also was taught “what the heart of a competitor truly resembles.”unnamed

Girls Varsity Tennis Team
Top Row: Taryn Anderson, Kendall Cosenza, Coach
Kristen Case, Hannah Blower, Eva Newsom
Middle Row: Jenn Kingsley, Olivia Zehnder, Elle Zielinski
Bottom Row: Anna Burke, Misha Pokusa, Lily Walkow
In December, Tennis off season will commence and therefore begins the preparation for the 2016 season. Returning Varsity, Taryn Anderson, Hannah Blower, Eva Newsom, Misha Pokusa and Lily Walkow will lead the incoming players next year.
***Picture Credit: Tennis Page (on school website)

2015 Sunset League Champions

IMG_1844Varsity Tennis finishes off the season with an incredible win against Los Alamitos on Tuesday, October 20th. One senior captain, Kendall Cosenza, said, “It felt amazing because we haven’t done it in five years so being on the team to do it was a really great feeling.” Kendall Cosenza and her partner, Anna Burke, played #1 doubles and had a clean sweep (6-0, 6-4, and 7-5). During their last round, Kendall and Anna were losing 2-5, yet they came together and said, “We don’t want to lose this match,” and decided, “[They] were going win that match, but it was going to be a mental battle.” With that determination, “[They] came back and won five straight IMG_1854games in a row and beat the team 7-5,” said Kendall with a smile on her face. With that they clenched the title of 2015 Sunset League Champions and “finished with a bang” as Kendall put it. Overall, the Varsity squad is 20-1 and 9-0 in league. They are now ranked #2 in OC and #5 in CIF Division 1. Varsity will be confidently going into CIF Individuals this coming week. Good Luck, Varsity Tennis!