A Taste for Competition

  Written By: Delaney Knipp
For ages, wrestling has been a pre-dominantly male sport, but for the Newport Harbor Wrestling program, the girls are some of the toughest competitors. Leading into the season, wrestlers spent every spare moment practicing techniques and pins in the gym as well as running stadiums and hills to get into the best shape for competition.
These are some of the incredibly dedicated athletes at Newport Harbor, and they show it in practice and matches. unnamed-2 Among these strong competitors are two girls, sophomore, Alina Aguirre, and senior, Cheyenne Stooks. These girls play to win, and easily hold their own against the other wrestlers around them. Stooks, having been on the wrestling team for four years, has overcome all boundaries and succeeded greatly in her sport. “I like wrestling the most because of the technical aspect and discipline that comes out of the sport,” said Stooks when she was asked what drew her into wrestling, “you have to be able to figure out situations on the spot and be willing to learn from mistakes.” Her love for the sport allows her to play hard and perform the best she can on and off the mat. At Newport Harbor, all wrestlers are treated equally, as both the boys and the girls are given every opportunity to succeed.unnamed-1 Stooks mentions how “surprisingly, we don't get treated any differently than the guys” even though that wasn't what she expected when she first started. Even though their teammates treat them with respect, there are still some hardships that go along with it. Aguirre says, “Cheyenne and I have both had an experience with a ref who wouldn't call our pins or points we deserved, but for the most part people are nice.” Both wrestlers are now preparing for another great season. The team as a whole is working on getting stronger for their upcoming December season. After beating CDM in their Battle of the Bay game, winning the Golden Singlet, and wrestling in the CIF championships, the team is looking forward to holding on to those wins and performing even better this year. The wrestling team is upping their practice intensity with the hope that this year, they will take home the wins in CIF. “It is always fun to have a goal to reach for,” says Aguirre, “this year our goal is to have a lot of wins!” Good luck to our sailor boys and girls, we are excited to see you compete!

Co-Drum Majors Working Together

Written By: Jillian Birt-Russell

Because Newport Harbor’s Davidson Field is under renovation, this year has been difficult for many sports teams who use the field for practice and for events, including the Marching Band. Though they are considered a part of the music department, they are also considered a sport, because they have rigorous practices to prepare for their fall marching season.
They utilize the practice field during their zero period everyday before class but they also have to take a bus every Tuesday evening to practice at Estancia High School, which is Newport Harbor’s home away from home for the season. Every single football game that the band attends is away and they have to bring all of their instruments and equipment along with them. Though this has been a challenge for band and all sports teams alike, it hasn’t broken their drive or spirit to represent Sailor Pride through their performances during football games and competitions.unnamed
This year the Marching Band has Senior Drum Majors, Jose Alatorre and Elise Denghausen leading them to victory. Anyone can easily spot these two sporting an all white uniform while raised above the band as they sit in the stands and conduct many of Newport Harbor’s traditional fight songs such as “Go Big Blue,” “Hey,” and “the Alma Mater.” They have also played some more recent and popular songs like “Shut Up and Dance with Me,” sung by Walk the Moon and “Sorry,” originally performed by Justin Bieber to really pump up the crowd.
The Beacon had a chance to interview Alatorre and Denghausen about being Co-Drum Majors and they both agreed that it was a big responsibility. Alatorre says that “the band expects [him] to know most everything and have answers at all times,” and the position has many duties including being “responsible for running practices, rehearsals, and teaching the band members to march and play music.” He knows how important his role is and that he’s “supposed to be a living example of composure for the band members to follow a rigid set of rules” and that he’s “an image of the band” meaning he “must present [himself] in a respectful manner.” Denghausen also believes that being a Co-Drum Major “is more than just conducting.” She’s “in charge of running band camp and teaching marching technique” as well as “conducting during football games and pep rallies.” It’s also their job to make sure that “everything goes smoothly on competition days.”
Denghausen said that her favorite memory was at band camp “seeing all of the crazy costumes the Seniors made the Freshmen wear.” While Alatorre’s favorite memory of the season so far was “the awards ceremony at the Newport Open” where “[they] did a special salute to the winners of the sweepstakes trophy.” Alatorre also remarked that being Co-Drum Major has taught him that, “people can’t read minds, so the directions he gives have to be explicit,” in order for his fellow musicians to understand while practicing. Whereas Denghausen has learned that she wouldn’t have been able to lead the band “on her own and that [she] is so thankful that Jose is drum major with [her].”
At the band’s last competition in Corona, thunnamed-2ey received fourth place and Denghausen felt proud about it, because the band “went up six points” and “[looked] and [sounded] a lot better than” the week before. Alatorre believes that the score “reflected [their] performance accurately but not [their] potential.” His goal for their next competition at Oceanview High School “is simply to put on a better show, because what [is the band] if not performers.” Denghausen wants the band “to improve as much as [they] can, indivually and as a group.” She says that even though “winning would be nice, it doesn’t matter as much as the experience [one] gets and the things [they] learn from it.” The Newport Harbor Marching Band works extremely hard throughout the entire school year so be sure to go support them at their competitions or at sporting events and school pep assemblies!

Pride or Die

Written By: Lea Ozdere & Natalie Robinson
As the fall season sports are unfortunately coming to an end, the Newport Harbor Varsity Girls’ Volleyball team continues to demonstrate an amazing amount of effort and poise within their games. Despite the loss of their second to last (home) game of the season against Edison High School on October 18th, the girls maintained their sense of determination, cooperation, and sportsmanship throughout all three matches.

The volleyball players began by getting ready wunnamed-3ith different types of techniques to prepare themselves for the game. Edison’s girls mirrored Harbor’s on the opposite side of the court with similar strategies. The girls managed to unwind and ease their nerves while warming up before players from both sides were properly introduced and the first match, of five, officially began.

Edison took the lead of the first match, 8 to 1, before Harbor made their second point. Claire Covina, #5, hit a remarkable spike against Edison that landed on the boundary line, confirmed as Harbor’s third point by the referee. Although Harbor’s girls continued to work hard, Edison created a major gap in the lead at 20unnamed-1 to 6. During Edison’s match point, Harbor’s attacking players were unable to block their opponent's strike, establishing a domina ting win by Edison with the score of the first match, 25 to 9. Claire Covina, #5, starts the second match with a point for Harbor. Harbor’s girls, working hard together, blocked Edison’s shot, making the score 9 to 6 (Edison’s lead). Both teams played an amazing rally, ununnamedtil Claire Covina, #5, ended it with a point for Harbor, still behind at 9 to 16. Slowly, they started making a comeback, Edison still in lead, until Harbor unfortunately lost the match when their ball went into the stands. Edison led the third match 6 to 3, before Harbor made their fourth point. As Harbor’s ball shot high between the bars on the roof, Delaney Decinces, #15, and Jasmine Amirie, #15, continue to play a remarkable rally and try their best to get the ball over. Edison fights back and creates a 6 point streak before Callie Govaars, #24, breaks it with a point for Harbor, 12 to 20. Edison continues to score, winning the match 25 to 17, therefore winning the game.

Field Hockey Season Successes

  Written By: Kenia Ciraulo
  The Newport HarbUntitledor Field Hockey girls have been taking their season by storm! Varsity placed second in their league heading into playoffs and both JV and Frosh/Soph held a winning record, many could say that 2016 has been a success for the Sailors. The varsity team had many great accomplishments throughout their league season and in tournaments, such as winning first place at the Highlander Cup played in San Diego. After waking up before sunrise to travel, the sailors played a total of five games. All of which they won, and kept winning until they had claimed the title of “champions” for the second year in a row. A total of 17 goals were scored by the sailors throughout the day, 11 of which were sent into the back of the cage by senior McKenzie Porteous, and the defense was on fire resulting in an almost shutout tournament. Only 1 goal was scored on them, and it was late in the championship game. The tournament was an all-around success for the team and created a sense of unity within the team. When asked about this year's team chemistry, senior defender Hayden Allen said “the team has played really well overall; we really connected together and improved a lot over the season.”9 Going into the league championship game against Edison, the team is feeling stronger than ever and ready to win! This year, over half of the varsity team is made up of graduating seniors. Composed of 12 seniors and only 9 underclassmen, the team has many experienced players who are able to contribute their skills to winning the game. “Having a lot of seniors allows for the younger girls to get a feel for everything that will be expected from us in the future,” says varsity sophomore Maddie Vargas. The seniors have years of experience they will be able to pass down onto younger grades, contributing to the growth and helping to strengthen the field hockey program. JV and Frosh/Soph have also been incredibly successful. “I think that we started out not knowing anything about how we would work as a team, but overtime and throughout the season we were able to bond and remain undefeated” 19said Tristan Warmington, a junior, about the JV Field Hockey team. In their season, JV had some tremendous wins ranging from 10-0 against Chaminade High School to aggressive 1-1 ties against the field hockey rival, Edison High School. The season ended October 22, and JV was happy to announce that they placed first in our league and “finished the league undefeated,” as said by Lauren Dewan, sophomore captain.  Personally, I can't wait to bring it next year and hopefully get that win against Edison.

Victory in Defeat: BOTB Football

Despite Newport Harbors fourth straight loss in their huge football rivalry between Corona Del Mar, signs of character and potential were revealed by not only our players but fans as well. Cal’s future quarterback Chase Garbers threw for five touchdowns (three which came in the second half) and 277 yards. He led his team to yet another victory for the Sea Kings making them 2-1 in the season. Taevon Le who set a record for receiving yards in the previous week was double teamed by Newport Harbors defenders. This left senior receiver Billy Shaw with 1-on-1 man coverage, and as a result caught two touchdowns in the second half for 34 and 57 yards, which devastated the sailors. The sailors quick score in the third was soon followed by a explosive drive where Garber pulled off a 48 yard run, the drive ended in a 8 yard touchdown by Moses on of the two main running backs on CDM. CDM’s first drive was quick and explosive, only 70 seconds and ended in a 27 yard touchdown to Murphy (junior running back). Harbor’s next drive was more tradition and they took the ball down the field slowly each gain short but effective. This drive was put to an end with a 30 yard field goal by Chandler Siemonsma. Harbor had a rough first half, despite moving the chains they only scored two field goals resulting in a 14-6 lead by the Sea Kings. The third quarter was a new start for the Sailors, fired up they dominated on both sides of the ball. Senior defensive end Alex Michelson stripped Garber for CDM’s only turnover of the night, the loose ball was recovered by defensive tackle Blake Terry. The offense wasted no time in pushing the ball up the field, and senior running back Cole Kinder rushed for a 27 yard touchdown on first down. This was momentum changing for the Sailors finally giving them hope they could win. Instead of going for the two point conversion that would tie the game at 14-14, sophomore Ethen Schroeder kicked the extra point which brought the sailors to within one. After this touchdown, the Sea Kings dominated the rest of the third quarter by constantly running at the defence. CDM’s Moses and Murphy both ran for more than 85 yards in the last 8 minutes of this quarter. And ultimately, in the fourth quarter CDM pulled away by scoring 2 more touchdowns, which lead them to a 41-13 win against the Sailors. Newport Harbors head coach Jeff Brinkley stated that "We let them hit a couple of slants and the kid [Shaw] broke it, and that kind of wiped it out”. He also added that "We've got to learn to play with teams like this because the teams in our league are equal to or better than these guys. They're probably going to be in the league next year." Although the score did not turn out in our favor, our students and fans represented our school in a respectful matter, unlike our opponent’s student body who are now facing numerous violations and penalties. Due to their actions not only has their homecoming dance been canceled for the first time in school history but they are also forbidden from ever returning to OCC stadium.   Written By: Jarrtan Ellis-Josch & Nathan Medina

Freshmen Win First Round: Tennis

At this year’s Battle of the Bay match, the Varsity Tennis Team came in ready to compete. Although the team didn’t reach their goal of beating CDM, they came out with fire and passion that will continue until they get revenge next year.

All pumped and ready to go, Freshmen doubles team, Amra Barton and Lauren Lipkowski, headed to the courts to start in their first Battle of the Bay Match. They knew this match wasn’t going to be easy, and Lipkowski admitted, “It was a little intimidating, but once [she] knew [she] had to do it for the team, [she] blocked everything out and just played [her] game.” Barton agreed and added how exciting it was. Although many believe that tennis is a single person sport, it is actually a team sport as Lipkowski had mentioned above. Everyone has a role to play in making the win happen. Even though the team fell short the first round 1-5, the Freshman duo pulled through gaining one win for the team. Going into that match, Barton described their mindset as focussing on “giving 100% and never stop being on [their] toes” because they “wanted to show those [CDM] girls just how bad [they] wanted it,” and they certainly accomplished that. During a match, Lipkowski loves having Barton as a partner because “[she] feels like [she] has no worries and always have each other’s backs.” Barton repeated the same for Lipkowski in saying, “[she] is so grateful for such an amazing partner [because] Lauren is able to pick [her] up on days that [she’s] struggling, and [she] is able to pump Lauren up when she needs it.” Barton admits that one of their secrets to success is that their “their friendship that continues off the court.” After the match, the pair came off the courts “not believing it but knowing [they] could do it” (Lipkowski) and “feeling overjoyed” (Barton). Although this win gave hope for Newport Harbor that they were beatable, the team knew it was going to be a tough battle ahead if they could pull it off. Barton explained that even though they had just won an amazing match that “[she] was going to go out there and grind for the next one because they were playing the #1 seed.” Unable to catch CDM, Harbor settled knowing that they are going to work harder next year and learning from the match to play their best in league.

In their last match before league, Barton and Lipkowski played phenomenally against Sage Hill last Wednesday, September 28th. They played as the #2 doubles team winning their first round in a tiebreaker and finishing off the day with a passionate celebration of their hard but well earned win against the Sage’s #3 team.

Harbor continues to fight on as they are 2-1 in league, winning to Marina and Edison but losing to Los Alamitos. More information about the Battle of the Bay match and about league are below.


Line-Up for BOTB Match:


Doubles:Displaying Amra Barton and Lauren Lipkowski.JPG

  1. Taryn Anderson and Eva Newsom

  2. Megan Carey and Ally Harano

  3. Lauren Lipkowski and Amra Barton (Pictured to the right)



  1. Hannah Blower (Pictured playing to the right)

  2. Elise Rimland

  3. Lacey RyanDisplaying Elise Rimland.JPG


Sage Match from Daily Pilot:

Varsity Tennis Schedule:






Oct. 4



Var @ Fountain Valley

3 PM

Oct. 6



Var @ NHHS

3 PM

Oct. 11



Var @ Marina

3 PM

Oct. 13



Varsity @ NHHS

3 PM

Oct 18



Varsity @ NHHS

3 PM

Oct. 20



Varsity @ NHHS

3 PM

Oct. 24



Varsity @ HB

2:30 PM

Written By: Rachel Davis

Girls Volleyball BOTB

Sea Kings Take the Win But the Sailors Will Be Back Stronger Than Ever
At this year’s Battle of the Bay Girls Varsity Volleyball game, although not pulling through with the win, Newport Harbor was extremely enthusiastic andsupportive of the team. Even though it was an away game, many students and family members came to watch, decked in blue and white, ready to cheer on the team. Delaney DeCinces number 15, said that “the energy made the game so much more exciting and competitive.”
The girls started the match by scoring several points, but CDM caught up with them, ending the first of five sets with a close score of 20 to 25, going to CDM. Number 4, a Junior named Vivian Donovan, stood out with her powerful overhand serves, which often challenged the other team. Donovan said that scoring so many points in a row “felt amazing and built momentum and energy for [the] team, which was something [they] needed.” The girls began the second game behind CDM, but they didn’t stop fighting for the victory and ended the set with a score of 25 to 11 points, again going to CDM. Number 13, a Freshman named Jasmine Amirie, was another star player in the game and took the court multiple times throughout BOTB. She made several important hits and saves, helping to keep the team strong and motivated. “When the other team is pulling ahead, we try and focus on limiting their long streaks of points, and we try to limit our errors and keep the momentum on our side,” shared Delaney DeCinces on how they stay focused and motivated in a game when the other team seems to be winning.
The third game went to CDM, ending Battle of the Bay for the Sailors, but the team fought hard to the end without giving up, and our students’ sportsmanship shined through the loss. Donovan keeps positive with plans to “work so much harder every day in practice from now on, so [the team] will be ready to fight when [they] step out onto the court with [CDM] again.” Though the Sea Kings triumphed this year, the Girls Volleyball team will be back again next year to take back the crown and show them who really rules the bay!
Written By: Jillian Birt-Russell & Casey Church

Pep Squad Takes Las Vegas

Last month, Newport Harbor’s very own pep squad traveled to Las Vegas to attend the SHARP International Competition where they went against many other schools and dance teams around the country. The team was very successful at the event and took home the Spirit Award for Best Overall Performance! Varsity Cheer and Varsity Song came in second place in their division and Varsity Baton took first. JV Cheer won first in their division and were proclaimed National JV Champions. db3e4a14-d435-4d58-8a7d-25c1cb5f1563After the competition was over, the team spent the evening celebrating their victory with dinner and even got to see a musical and comedic show performed by the famous Blue Man Group. The girls also had the chance of staying in a hotel all weekend and bonding with roommates over movies and snacks! Though they were only in Vegas for three days, it was such a great experience to go vacation with friends and compete! Karoline Shannon (Freshman) said that her favorite part of the trip was "staying up watching a movie after a great day of winning the competition." Libby Larner (Sophomore) also had a lot of fun on the trip and "loved how close [she] got with [her fellow teammates] in [their hotel] room” while "watching Fired Up and eating ice cream and chips.” All in all, the pep squad had a wonderful time on their trip and went home champions! Written By: Jillian Russell

Track & Field- Record Breaker Emma Kratzberg

It is not everyday that a student breaks a track record here at Newport Harbor. Senior Varsity track runner and hurdler, Emma Kratzberg, has broken the 400 record and continues to try to break more of them. Kratzberg described how it felt to accomplish something so great as “amazing because I honestly didn’t expect to do it.” She is “actually working towards the 100 and 300 hurdle records as well and [is] 0.16 seconds away from the 300 record and 0.07 seconds away from the 100 record.” The record breaking athlete keeps positive as she attempts to create more history as she says, “There’s still 4 weeks left in my season so I can still do it!” Track has changed Kratzberg’s high school experience because it “made [her] feel a sense of purpose in high school and made [her] motivated, passionate, and the driven individual that [she] is.” Having an inspiration to compete is essential to the success of athletes and Kratzberg finds that from her “humble roots that started [her] career”. “I decided one day that I wanted to do hurdles kind of randomly and I started out okay, but not great. And slowly but surely I worked my way to the top and now am currently ranked 3rd in California. I wasn’t born a runner/hurdler and I had to work very hard to get where I am. So I stayed motivated by seeing where I was, where I am now, and where I want to be,” says Emma Kratzberg about how she has gotten to where she is today and what motivates her to keep putting in hard work. Not everyone can become an statewide ranked athlete, and those who do achieve this have put in that extra time or practice to get to where they are. For Kratzberg a big part of her success is the “amazing coaching from both in school and outside of school.” Also her dedication to the sport can be seen through the “weightlifting which [she didn’t] think any of her teammates did [...and the] practice between two and four hours a day.” After all her achievements at Newport Harbor, what is next for record breaking runner/ hurdler? Kratzberg shares that “track will play a big part in [her] future, [she] is going to Colorado State University on a scholarship for track and field, and will be a 400 hurdler in college. [Kratzberg] has the next four years ahead of [her] at least” regarding her track career future. Written By: Andie Lee


The baseball team had an exciting season nearly making CIF playoffs an impressive feat in the Sunset League while enjoying their season. The Sunset League is a very impressive league with Huntington Beach and Marina who are two of the top teams in the nation. The sailor boys played amazing against both those teams taking a victory against Huntington and Marina. The boys in blue tried their best finishing with a record of 7-8 and finishing 4th place in the sunset league. All the boys had smiles on their faces at the end of the season as the future looked bright for the young men in blue. Varsity players Junior Cade Seabold and Senior Luke Genova, a Santa Clara University commit, are all-league first team and Freshman John Olmstead is Sunset League rookie of the year. Our Tars finished the season with their heads held high as they poured their hearts out into every game no matter the score. In the end, of all the hard work the boys made a realization that winning isn’t everything and the brotherhood that they developed and shared was the most important lesson their coach could teach them. The JV tars also had an eventful season while finishing an impressive 6th place. They finished 3-11 while beating Huntington, Edison and Fountain Valley. Andrew Wolfe, an occasional starter on the J.V. squad, told us “the most memorable moment for me, was when we beat Huntington by an impressive margin” he continued on to say “it was fun!” Written By Eann McKasson