Mr. Newport

On Wednesday, March 23rd, Newport Harbor High School hosted its annual Mr. Newport competition, a mock beauty pageant in which eight senior boys go head to head, showing off their special talents, formal wear, and swimsuits, in order to find out who would be crowned Mr. Newport that year. The contestants this year were Briggs D’Eliscu, Gavin Kunkle, Carter Ling, Joey Shaprio, Talanivalu Olotoa, Austin Christensen, Joe Ahern, and Henry Lopez. All eight showcased their special talents, with D’Eliscu rolling sushi, Kunkle showing how to properly pack a suitcase, Ling telling stories whilst painting a picture, Shapiro lip-syncing, Olotoa cooking minute rice in fifty-seven seconds, Christensen singing “Luck be a Lady”, Ahern playing the cello, and Lopez playing Mario Brothers on his flute. The show posed a difficult decision for the judges, but the title of Mr. Newport was given to Carter Ling. The second place winner was Henry Lopez, followed closely by Briggs D’Eliscu who took third. Ling showed true sportsmanship following his win, as he graciously gave his crown to Joey Shapiro. Mr. Smith and Mr. Constandse hosted the event and provided witty banter with the contestants, entertaining the audience between acts, and making for an extremely enjoyable evening. Written By: Declan Sullivan

Holiday Spirit Week

The second to last week at Newport Harbor High School before winter break was full of holiday spirit, as Newport Harbor’s first Holiday Dance was about to be thrown. The days leading up to the dance were celebrated with a spirit week, with days such as Pajama Day, Happy Hula-Days, Winter Sportswear Day, Star Wars Day, and lastly Ugly Holiday Sweater Day. These themed days were accompanied by an Instagram competition amongst the students, as posts could be marked with the hashtag “nhhsholidayspiritweek”. Each day would have one winner who would receive a ticket to the Holiday Dance, and one winner was chosen for the entire week, their prize being a free Winter Formal Ticket. The overall spirit week winner was Sara Ramirez whose costumes and enthusiasm for spirit week earned her the victory. Ramirez “didn’t expect to win since a lot of people with great pictures participated as well” but followed through with her costumes anyway, providing inspiration to her friends and others to participate in spirit week.   Daily winners can be seen on Instagram: @newportharobr_asb. The week concluded with the rally for the Holiday Dance, which featured performances from Drama, ASB, and students who volunteered to be in games during the rally. On Saturday night, the Holiday Dance was held with a large turnout, as students from Newport Harbor attended, as well as students from other schools’ ASBs in the Orange County area. Students danced the night away to N-EFFECT’s DJs and had a break from the rush of school work prior to getting away for the holidays.   Sara Ramirez on spirit week: “Yes, it was very fun, embarrassing at times, but I think that is what spirit week is about. Being able to support your school and laughing at how we do it.”unnamed-1

(Tur)KEY Things to be Thankful For

Thanksgiving…a time to reflect on the many blessings we are so privileged to have. As Thanksgiving break comes to a close, the Beacon asked many NNHS students about what they did over thanksgiving and most importantly what they’re most thankful for.
Kayla Korhonen: IMG_2309 “This Thanksgiving break I spent quality time with my family. I am thankful for my brother and being able to celebrate his first thanksgiving with him.” Andy Myers: “I went to Palm Springs with my family and I played a tennis tournament while I was out there. I am thankful for all of my friends and family, animals and nature, and all the opportunities I am given to have such a great life, oh and I am grateful for Beyonce's existence." Kaela Whelan: “I practiced sports, enjoyed time with friends and family, and ate a lot! I am thankful for amazing friends and family that make me happy each and everyday!” Cody Campbell:IMG_0285

"For thanksgiving we all dressed as princesses and went to my uncles house and celebrated. Then we went Overlanding with my dads truck (aka camping). I am thankful for my family and friends." 

Sammy Kerrigan: “For Thanksgiving I went to my uncles house with the rest of my family and we had a big dinner. I’m thankful for the beautiful city I live in, my heath, my loving family, my amazing friends and delicious food!” Bella Crafton: “We had all of our family over for a Thanksgiving feast, rented a house down on the beach, surfed, rode bikes and played a big poker game! I am thankful for my crazy family, the beach, good food and music.” Malia Moore: “I went to San Diego and I’m thankful for my community.” Karis Couch: “I went to Ventura on Friday to be with my godfamily and I’m so grateful for my friends and family.” Taylor Craig: “I went to Arizona and I’m thankful for friends and family.” Holly Kanen: “I was grounded. I’m thankful for being grounded.”

Behind the Scenes of Pygmalion

This fall I had the amazing opportunity to work on Newport Harbor’s technician crew for their newest play, “Pygmalion”. During this experience I got to work with an amazing team of hard working individuals. The entire cast and crew invited me and put me to work! Pygmalion is a British comedy about a young peasant who is taken in by two speech specialists and she is trained to speak and act like a lady. On stage the show was a riveting comedy, but the real action took place backstage. From the audience all you see are the actors and the sets, but there is a lot more than that going on behind the curtain. Just a few feet to the left or right of the stage and there is a whole new world. In order to run a perfect show, or any show at all really, you need stage managers, assistant stage managers, lighting people, fly masters, sound people, and many more. We all have to work like a well oiled machine. It certainly is hard work but the best part of any work is seeing it turn into something beautiful. After we run what’s called “transitions” where we move sets on and off stage, we get to watch our work come together from behind the curtains. All together it was an amazing experience and if you ever get the chance to be part of the NHHS Drama Department, definitely take it!

Stage Left                                                                                                                       Stage Right

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Marching to a New Beat

 DSC_0227-1Whether they’re playing their music in the stands at pep rallies, marching across Davidson’s field during half time at football games, or just practicing early in the morning, band is always entertaining the students and staff of NHHS! Just recently they took first place at one of their competitions because they never look anything less than professional and are always on time and in step while doing so. I had the chance of having an exclusive interview with some current band members and learned just how much work goes into their performances and what it felt like it seeing their hard work pay off. Senior and drum major, Natalia Tortorello says that “[they] practice everyday from seven to eight2015_MiraCosta_VS_232-150x150 in the morning and on Monday nights from six to nine” and that it’s “a lot of commitment”. She thinks that “football games are a lot of fun, because [the band] gets to relax and play pep songs” and that it gives them a break from their busy practice schedule. Besides showing their spirit at sports events, band’s recent win at competition made Natalia proud in succeeding “under [her] leadership” alongside Senior and drum major, Henry Lopez who claimed that “it was honestly, the most beautiful feeling” he had ever experienced and that “[he] almost cried at the award ceremony”. Both drum majors want “to gain better leadership skills and experiences” as well as 2015_MiraCosta_VS_207-150x150learn how “to lead a group many different individuals” to their best ability as the year progresses. As football season comes to a close, band will continue to compete during their concert season and wow everyone who watches!  

The Mousetrap

To kick off this years theatrics the drama department collaborated with Culinary to put on an innovative rendition of Agatha Christies "Mousetrap". Directed by Chris Surridge and produced by Special Arrangement with Samuel French Inc., the play airs on October 2nd and 3rd. This fun-filled murder mystery really helped to get us all into the Halloween spirit! "The Mousetrap" follows Mollie and Giles Ralston in their new adventure open up their guest house, where them and their guests get snowed in; little did they know, someone in the house was a killer! Although it was hard work, all of it paid off in the end. According to Surridge, "It was an odyssey-directing and acting in the longest running show in theatrical history. It grew strained at times but for the most part it was a pleasure--working with fellow actors and tech to create a beautiful work of art to be presented entirely by the student population. I learned all aspects of tech and dealing with actors as well as external affairs such as promotion and the added dinner aspect (to which Culinary was a wonderful addition)." I, for one, hope to see more dinner theater from Newport Harbor this year. Overall "The Mousetrap" was a huge success. Make sure to come to the drama departments next show so you won't miss any of the action.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

It's Fall here at Newport harbor high school! Classes are in full swing and our fall sports teams are fully focused. There is so much to look forward to in the upcoming months here at Newport harbor high school!

1. Club Rush: this is a time where students at our school have the invaluable opportunity to look into the many clubs here at campus. At club rush there are a variety of different clubs to join such as make a wish club, halo club and STEM club. There is a club for everyone here at NHHS.

2. School Play: come see our drama students perform "Mousetrap" by Agatha Chrisie. This is our amazing drama students fall performace which will be performed at 6:30 PM on October 2 and 3 in the highschool theatre and the price is $25 for adults and $15 for students. Food made by our culinary students will also be served at the event.

3. Tutoring: Our students here at Newport harbor high school are so lucky tRegistrationCatagoies2015o have so many opportunities to improve such as free tutoring for all students. Tutors will be available for all students in all subjects Monday through Wednesday.

4. Harbor Heritage Run: the harbor heritage run is an annual run here at Newport Harbor! The run will take place on October 17 at Newport Harbor High school. Event Schedule:

6:30 am race day registration begins._wsb_200x280_Logo+2015

7:30 am aerobic warm up

7:45 registration ends 

8:00 am 2k fun/run walk (for all ages)

8:30 am 5k feature race 

9:15 am kids klassic-1/4 mile (5-7 year olds)

9:30 am kids klassic-1/2 mile (8-10 year olds)

9:45 am sailors color run, through the Newport harbor campus harbor-heritage-run-2014

(all ages welcome)

All participants will also receive a tee shirt. The construction for Davidson field has been delayed for this run. The 2k and 5k race will start on 16th street and finish at the football stadium on campus. Visit for more information. 

Get excited for the upcoming month sailors! It's going to be great! 

Freshmen’s Views on the First Week of School

We all remember our first week of High School: the nerves on the first day, the excitement of seeing our friends, and the anticipation of meeting our new teachers. I remember my first day of school, waiting outside my first period class refusing to accept the fact that summer was over. Walking in, I saw some familiar faces but many new ones. Each year, new freshmen join the Newport Harbor community, funneling in from various schools with different experiences, but all of them, in turn, are welcomed with open arms to become sailors. We talked to some of the current freshmen to find out their opinions on the first week of school. Some aspects we discussed with them included; the amount of homework they had this year in comparison to last year, their feeling on the block schedule, and how they enjoyed the back to school dance. Wynn Dietzler, who attended Ensign last year, commented on the amount of homework she has this year compared to last year saying that “because we have two days to do it, it seems like less.” She participates in the dance 3 class and really enjoys it. IMG_2205-1Brian Bailey, who comes from Carden Hall and is a member of the Newport Harbor Football team, mentioned that the class sizes are much bigger than he is used to, and “since the classes are so long, we just do most of our homework in class.” He also brought up the common problem faced by most freshmen, that “it was a little hard finding my way at first.” The Back to School Dance is the first of many high school dances to be attended by freshmen. Lauren Dewan, who is the on the junior varsity field hockey team, told us that she went with her team, and “it was really fun cause we all dressed up together and it was team bonding. We went as goths.” This dance is a great opportunity to get together with friends and come up with matching costumes to wear

Opinions on a Longer Summer

The end of summer and the beginning of each school year is a bittersweet time for us all. We will miss the beach days, the late nights, and the sleeping-in until noon, but it also marks the beginning of an exciting year to come. This year, Newport Harbor started a week later than many nearby schools, giving the students an extra week to enjoy summer. Jillian Russell, member of the JV Cheer team said, “I think that having the extra week of summer was nice because the pep squad was able to schedule a few more practices to prepare for the football season ahead.” Her statement reflects the opinions of many other athletes at Newport Harbor, who are now able to feel better prepared for the upcoming sports season. Personally, perhaps like many of my classmates, I have used the extra week to catch up on the summer assignments that I had left for the last minute. While there is general agreement that an extra week of summer is a good thing, the benefit will be short-lived. School will now end on June 23rd, a week later than previous years.  Libby Larner, a sophomore, points out that “because we are getting out a week later than other schools, it almost feels like we will be missing out on the first week of summer.”  

2015 Campus, Class, and Teacher Changes

FullSizeRender-3      School is back in session and along with that there are a lot of exciting new changes for the 2015-2016 school year! With new teachers, new classes and exciting campus changes we are all in store for an excellent school year here at NHHS.     FullSizeRender-1                                                     New Staff here at Newport Harbor:     Ms. Via is our new ASB advisor. Additionally she will be teaching ROP TV/Film. Ms. Via has an undergraduate degree in mathematics and has masters of art degree from Claremont College. She was also an ASB advisor at Foothill High School in Tustin. There she taught FullSizeRender-2yearbook, journalism, and art making her a valuable addition to our already talented group of staff. Mrs. Calderon is a new counselor here on campus. She will be counseling all of our IB students. With the addition of Mrs. Calderon we now have 7 counselors! We are so lucky to add another amazing counselor to our counseling staff. Mr. Shaw is our new IB Business teacher. He has attended IB training, was a former parent of our school, and he will also coach with our school football team. We are so lucky to have him here at Harbor! Mr. Peterson is our new Social Science teacher. He is filling in for Mr. Daniels who is expected to return later in the school year. Mr. Peterson has worked at Estancia High School and has even worked at Harbor! Welcome back to Newport Harbor High School Mr. Peterson. Dr. Albitar is our new World Language teacher. Dr. Albitar was born in Czechoslovakia and at the age of 12 moved to Barcelona, Spain. She completed medical school and has been a pathologist up until two years ago.  Her children are all either in medical school or have already graduated from medical school. This will be her first year of formal teaching. Dr. Albitar has always wanted to teach and we are so glad she has the opportunity to teach and share her knowledge with the students of Newport Harbor High School. Mrs. Patterson is our new ROP Culinary teacher. She will be teaching two ROP Culinary classes, putting us at an astounding number of 8 culinary classes here at Harbor! Mrs. Patterson has helped with our Newport harbor high school culinary program for the past few years. Mr. Murphy is our new assistant principal for the time being. Mr. Murphy is Newport Harbor alumni and is a former teacher and administrator. We are so glad to have him here at Harbor! Ms. Kruse is our new attendance technician. Our previous attendance technician, Mrs. Carron, is currently at Costa Mesa High School. Ms. Kruse comes to us from Costa Mesa High School and we are so glad to have her here at Harbor. Mrs. Hoyt is a fill in counselor for Mrs. Mabry who had her first child and is on maternity leave until October.  Mrs. Hoyt is an experienced counselor for the NMUSD district and we are so lucky to have her for the time being before Mrs. Mabry returns. Ms. Rettew is a new tennis coach here at Harbor! She was formerly a coach for Sage High School’s tennis team and will now be coaching our JV team. Former JV coach, Coach Danielle will be filling in as the Frosh-Soph coach, also a new addition to Newport Harbor!                                                                                                                                                                                            Changes being made to Newport Harbor’s campus:    Davidson Field Construction is an all-year project that is estimated to be completed in August of 2016. It will have features such as:
  • Big “NH” on the field
  • An all-weather track
  • New and improved facilities
  • More to come!
Currently we are trying to raise money for a new practice field at Harbor for Soccer, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Football, etc. Our goal is to have all these teams practicing on campus so they don’t have to travel to other fields, such as Harper to practice. This redone practice field will cost about 3.4 million dollars and have features such as:
  • Home and away team room
  • Restrooms and Concessions on each side
  • New Turf and lights
  New classes for the 2015-2016 School Year:    ROP Sports Medicine is a University of California approved laboratory science course. NHHS is currently running two sections of this class, being taught by our very own athletic trainer, Ms. Beaver! International Baccalaureate (IB) Astronomy is an IB and UC approved course. Mr. Brazelton will be teaching this course, hoping to put to work elements of his masters’ degree from Mississippi State University in Astronomy. Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate Spanish Literature is an AP/IB class being taught by new, but very experienced, Dr. Albitar! Yoga is a newly available class here at Harbor. Mrs. Cirina, who has attended Yoga certification training this summer, will be offering three sections of this class. Competitive Sailing will be presented to the NMUSD Board for approval on September 8. Tryouts will take place in the fall. NHHS is ready to prove that we are seasoned Sailors!