Renewable Energy for the Future

  Written By: Kyoko Downey

As fossil fuels being to dwindle the people of the world are in a constant race to seek renewable energy to support the future. Costa Rica is a prominent example of this tremendous feat, running for 299 days in two years on hydropower, wind, geothermal, and solar energy, without the burning of any fossil fuels. With its early investments in discovering new means of acquiring energy, the country has successfully created a model for other cities and may quite possiblyunnamed, as they have acknowledged, become entirely, environmentally sustainable. Their future plans and ventures in this field demonstrate their dedication to the cause; spending close to 100 million dollars in three 50 MW geothermal plants and revealing a 305.5 MW hydroelectric plant predicted to power over half of a million homes.

This proposes the question, “What can we do here?”

It’s obvious driving by our school the prominent solar panels in the parking lot, but aside such energy sources, few students could contribute new forms of renewable energy that we could implement into the communities of Newport Beach and Costa Mesa. As sophomore Cielo Cuenca admits “there isn’t a lot that can feasibly be done at our school with the budget we have.” It is true that solar panels are among the most expensive forms of renewable energy but really, for southern California are the only devices that pay back those expenses in a reasonable time frame, not relying on our unpredictable wind patterns and rainfall like other forms of renewable energy depend on. However, this could quite change in the coming years, as scientists are beginning to develop solar panels that do not rely on the costly photovoltaic cells they do today, but rather on magnetic fields, drastically cutting down on material costs.unnamed

With every interview, a steady trend became clear, nobody saw or noted the possibility of such switches to environmental sustainability in the near future, all for multiple reasons. Tenth grader Maddy Wilkens contributed it to the fact it “depends on how much as a society we want it,” focusing on big fossil fuel companies’ corporate greed and the amount of initiative by the people and coming generations to innovate to solve these issues. Meanwhile, fellow sophomore, Keeley Wandrocke states that “we have such a dependency on fossil fuels as of today that such an extreme change in our ways would be cumbersome and time consuming.”

But perhaps our students are thinking too obviously of the big, well known energy sources, or rather, they don’t know that smaller ones exist. HERO products, founded in Newport Beach, focus and advertise different systems that can be put into the home from new exterior windows to even a simple window film that “save[s] energy by limiting both the amount of solar radiation passing through and the amount of internal heat escaping” as the site discloses.

Which goes to show, a little goes a long way, and in the case of renewable energy, it’s a small step in a long journey to the future.


2016 Back to School Night

Thursday, September 29th was Newport Harbor High School’s annual Back to School Night, an evening where parents come to school to meet their children’s teachers, and learn about the curriculum for the year.  For some parents this can be a breeze, as this may be their third, fourth, year attending, and perhaps for some with multiple kids, even more.  For those parents who are as new to the high school as their kids, ASB students were scattered across campus and prepared to provide assistance in finding classes, teachers, and buildings.  The evening for the parents was easy enough, aside for some having to hear about all the projects and stress that their kids would be put through, but other than that it went smoothly.  The student store was open for business selling spirit gear and there was an opportunity to vote for which parents would become a part of the school Site Council.  Homecoming tickets were also on sale for the first time this year at the lowest price that they will be, until the prices rise in a week.  Yearbook was also out selling The Galleon, and as the night continued, music was brought out to dance to and encourage sales.  Many parents were “excited to meet the teachers” and others were interested in the methods that were to be used to teach their children.  There was some concern over ideas like flipped classroom, but parents are open to new ways of teaching and optimistic about the outcome.  Back to School Night is a fantastic way to meet teachers and inform parents about how the curriculum will affect the students, and what kind of workload they will have.  Without it, parents would be in the dark about what methods are being used to teach their children and what different teachers are like, which is very beneficial to understanding the stress that their kids will be under.  Back to School Night was definitely successful, and will be successful in future years. Written By: Declan Sullivan

The Great Debate

As the November voting season looms ahead the two candidates battle for the highly sought position with people on either sides fearful of the “unique” options for the next president.  People around the nation have a variety of different views regarding the candidates but what do the Newport Harbor Sailors think about this controversial topic. We asked their thoughts on the event and here’s their response.

  “So I side with Trump, not just because I was raised so conservative, but because he is honestly the most suitable candidate. Hillary has been showing she is incapable of being in office not only with her lies that she got caught up in at the beginning of her campaign, but she has lately been showing many signs of health problems which could be really bad if she was elected into office then suddenly died because then we would have to find ourselves a new president. Trump is underrated as a presidential candidate because all people hear are that he's going to "build the wall" and send people back to Mexico, which isn't necessarily true. he only wants to rid the country of ALL illegal immigrants. this is NOT just Mexico. this could be from any country. even Canada or England or Germany. I am the child of an immigrant who is voting for trump and when people hear that they think I'm crazy, but I'm not because we actually pay attention to what he says and he is right. the amount of illegal immigrants here is out of control and illegal immigrants can be dangerous. Trump is doing this for the good and safety of our country, not because he wants to "get rid of all of the Mexicans." just because we, you, or someone in your family if an immigrant, doesn't mean you shouldn't vote for trump. he is only looking for the illegal people and sending them back to their homes. Make America great again.”---Camille Baron “I think it's publicly accepted that this year is kind of a dumpster fire when it comes to politics. Well in the description of John Green this year has been a bit of a dumpster fire. It's no secret that either candidate seems to be at all qualified for president. On one hand you have a corrupt man who sees America as a business, yet doesn't know how to run a business anyway so he just screams things at people and hopes for the best. On the other you have a woman who doesn't understand laws and kind of slides outside of punishments. Not to mention she is praised for representing beliefs she specifically went against in the past 5 years (for instance she was against gay marriage), making her a bit of a conformist. Not to mention she has changed a few policies for the popular vote recently. If you want to look at the third option then you have a deranged man who although has something of a plan for the country, he's absolutely crazy. If you don't believe me, look at the video by Colbert on him. He's been shooting down his chances left and right in speeches from the "Aleppo" comment to sticking his tongue out a reporter while talking to attempt to prove a point.”---Jantzen Fenn [caption id="attachment_14028" align="alignleft" width="245"]Processed with VSCO with c1 preset “I think that Donald trump handled himself very well since he could have easily attacked Hillary at many points for being illegitimate and not being able to back up the points she tried and failed to make. I thought it was also very comical that Hillary brought up her book like a commercial would and really embarrassed herself by making it seem like this was all just a big joke to herself. trump knows what he was talking about and talked to the people of America, not at them like Hillary did.” -Betsy Calder[/caption] “On the subject of the debate, I thought that the debate was relatively civil compared to expectations. Trump started off strong, but soon got derailed by Clinton. Clinton started off shaky but her preparation helped her later in the debate. I was impressed that Trump respectfully referred to his opponent as Secretary Clinton, and I was a bit disappointed that Clinton only referred to him as Donald. In my opinion, Clinton came out on top, but neither candidate particularly shone. I'm really looking forward to the vice presidential debate. On the subject of the campaign: I don't particularly like either candidate. Neither of them have all of the qualities that I would hope for in a presidential candidate. This seems to be reflected in the fact that both of their unfavorable are high. I think Secretary Clinton is the more qualified for the job of the two candidates, but neither are exceptional choices. Personally, I think that the vice presidential candidates on both sides would make better options. Regardless, I am somewhat relieved that I will not be able to vote in this election.”----David Sharp       Written By: Megan Carey & Katie Clark

Finals Week Studying Tips

As the countdown gets shorter and shorter and summer lies in the near future, students have to conquer one last hurdle to earn the freedom of summer vacation. As students cram for their final exams, they have mastered certain tricks to combat the stress that comes from this busy time of the school year- and would like to share these tips with others. IMG_5334 1. Find something that helps you focus. Sophomore Andy Myers says that he is going "to study and go to ultimate study mode where I will let Queen Bey's music guide me to success." It's definitely important to find something that helps you focus; for Andy this is Beyonce. 2. Take breaks. Although studying is important remember that your body will break down if you don't take occasional breaks. 3. Study the things you feel you need the most help with. If you feel fully ready for one of your tests don't stress about it and instead take that time to focus on a test you may be more worried about. In other words spend your time wisely. 4. Review notes and find ways that will you help you get the most information. Seth Roberts says "I would reviIMG_0903ew my notes, do study guides, maybe study with friends." Definitely a good idea to collaborate with friends and review notes and other resources. 5. Don't stress too much. Finals are definitely important but don't stress yourself out too much. Realize that once you've studied you've done practically all you could do to prepare to ace your finals. As the year finishes up stay strong for these last few weeks and get ready to walk off campus proud of your hard work. Written By: Katie Clark & Megan Carey

AP Testing Tips

apbooks1May...getting close to summer and AP tests just finished. Since AP tests were just administered, we wanted to provide advice for students taking their AP tests next year. Many students feel overwhelmed as they try to review the entire curriculum. On the other hand, some feel calm and prepared to tackle these important tests. In order to help other AP students next year, current AP students told us what they did to prepare for this stressful time of testing. BELLA CRAFTON: "Prayed, stress ate and colored in my coloring book." RACHEL DANGL: "Read the AP crash course and reviewed my notes." SAMMY KERRIGAN: "Absolutely nothing." CHRISTIAN YASSA: "I used study books and practice tests from past years." PIPER HJORT: "Read crash course and studied all my notes and I also watched crash course videos online." Written By: Katie Clark & Megan Carey


As the school year begins to come to a close seniors are busy doing their senior exits projects. In this last task to achieve their diploma students are asked to conduct an experiment where they test a new way of life that pushes them out of their comfort zones for a whole 10 days. From becoming speechless to getting rid of your phone these ten days truly put the seniors to the test. Cooper Hendrix is still struggling to decide how to use this valuable opportunity to walk in someone else's shoes. Hendrix says "I'm not sure, I have like three approved projects, and I've been doing all of them, but I haven't really selected just one yet." This project is definitely something that takes lots of research and preparations. Billy Mazzerelli decided to give up social media and replace it with physical activity. Mazzerelli says that "I liked it cause I realized how much I was using my phone in a day, and I learned how much more productive I was. And plus their where some benefits to the physical activity." For freshmen, sophomores and juniors start getting ideas for this amazing project and make the most out of this amazing opportunity. Written By: Megan Carey and Katie Clark

Addams Family Play

Just this past week, the NHHS drama department put on three productions of the Addams Family. These shows included two evening shows and 2 matinees. This show was adapted from the popular TV series and movie. We talked to a couple people from our drama department to get the inside scoop! Senior, Austin Christensen played the role of Mal Bienke and says it was one of his favorites series! His favorite part of doing this play was doing the show for the elementary kids when they came in during lunch. Christensen also claims that this play was not different in terms of the process, but it was different in the way the cast 81542a6d-589d-4b01-951c-0f000d370ca5has ever acted before. Everyone acted as a family and they all felt a really tight bond through the works of this production! Christensen says, “After [his] four years and 13 shows, [he] has never seen a closer cast and crew.” After interviewing the lovely Austin, we got the chance to talk to the very talented Chris Surridge! Chris began preparing for the play early this January upon receiving the script to study up on his role of Pugsley Addams (the younger son of Gomez and Morticia). Surridge says he had watched the original Addams Family on television (it always preceded the Twilight Zone re-runs) and also watched the two live-action films (The Addams Family and The Addams Family Values, the latter being his and his father's favorite). Chris’s favorite part of the play was one performance when a light bulb shattered on-stage during the opening, “my ratchet chain snapped off, and I got broken glass in my leg from the bulb.” After this encounter, Surridge realized that “as an actor, the gift of something going wrong both heightens our energy and keeps us on our toes.” The main thing that made the Addams Family different from their other shows was the fact that it was so modern, rather than classical like other plays they have done in the past. Surridge says this show was the second most successful play (besides the sold-out Mousetrap) this year and by having a good mix of both modern and classical pieces, the audience (parents and students) is able to truly appreciate the diversity of the acting and technical abilities as well as educating and enlightening everyone with all facets of theatrical joy. The mix of modern musicals of today and the classics of yesterday will keep our department thriving with new audiences and new challenges to the actors and tech. There's a show for everyone out there, whether modern Hach or legendary Shaw, and with our popular Addams Family and sold-out Mousetrap, we can safely say this diversity will continue. Written by Sophia Mendoza Photo Credit : Jillian Brazelton

ASB Postponed Elections

With the school year nearing the end, ASB typically holds an election in which students campaign and  vote on the next year ASB positions during the month of df85dadc-796f-4c7a-8c1f-61124e100ee6April. This year, campaigns only lasted about a week. After interviewing current Junior Class President, Jake Toohey we got the insight into why the elections were postponed. During every election a rulebook is handed out, in the first week of campaigning, “multiple rules were broken by multiple people leaving some candidates disqualified because of a minuscule rule” says Jake Toohey. Because the consequences for rule breaking was never defined in the book administration was aware of how much this election meant to the candidates and decided they would clean up the discrepancies and called for a reelection in May. This brought mixed emotions as “some candidates were relieved and grateful and other were bummed out but understood the rewrite was for the best” according to Jake Toohey who has been a member of ASB since freshman year.

Written By: Trudy Padden

Students Take Peru

While many Newport Harbor students basked in the sun in Cabo San Lucas or hit the slopes in Big Bear some very adventurous sailors trekked to Peru! From the heights of Machu Picchu to touring around the adorable town of Cusco these students were able to experience the beauty and fun that Peru has to offer! Many students who participated in this trip truly feel in love with this country. “My favorite part of the trip was being to interact with all the locals” says Betsy Calder. Not only was the trip itself an amazing experience but the participants truly made this trip magical. Calder also said that “the group that went to Peru was such a great group of kids.” Kate LaGranduer similarly speaks of the fun the sailor travelers had. LaGranduer explains that her favorite memory “was our last night in Peru where us girl40554c76-1385-414c-8e07-116ca771c6das had a prank war against the guys.” Overall Betsy Calder summed up her thoughts of this trip. “Peru was a once and a lifetime experience and I would do anything to go back. Words cannot describe how much I love and miss Peru” says Calder. As these sailors explored the beautiful land of Peru the bond between the students grew to create lasting friendships that will last a lifetime. Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset   The Peru trip truly was a “once in a lifetime experience” as Calder explained. The stunning pictures from the travelers give a glimpse into the exotic wonder of this vacation but nothing will compare to being in these places in person. These students were able to see much more than the sandy beaches of Mexico or the snowy mountains of a ski resort. From flaunting the native styles in Lima, boating in Lake Titicaca or playing with the adorable cats in the streets of Peru these students redefined the definition of a fun spring break. The excitement from everyone who participated in this adventure is evident of just how fun these trips are. If you’re ready for the experience of a lifetime sign up for a school trip, you won’t regret it! Written By: Katie Clark & Megan Carey

Social Media Scandal

Circulating in Newport Harbor news this week is the danger and impact of social media and the correlation that it has on the safety of our school. This Thursday teachers were alerted in 6th period to check their emails which told of a possible threat to the schools safety and that a lockdown would then be conducted. The threat was given on the popular app Ogle, a social media network that aims to keep the campus unified. Not only did Ogle tell of a school threat, but it's also a hub of cyber bullying. This threat is an obvious reminder of the power of social media on our campus as a whole and our need to stop using social media negatively. We interviewed students and asked their thoughts about this growing problem. "First of all, I would like to say that I do not think Ogle is a healthy environment for high schoolers to be involved with, especially since there is no censoring of the user, as it completely removes the feeling of responsibility for someone's actions. Not to mention, there have been cyber bullying events as well as postings of naked students on the app. As for the lockdown, I would say it's another drawback to the app. As I said before, without responsibility, someone can realize they have a test tomorrow, do not want to take it, announce they will shoot the next day and ditch to avoid the test, claiming they were scared of the shooting so they were absent. I think our school reacted in a perfectly valid and responsible way in that they did not overplay it, but still requested police intervention because the one time that we don't take threats like this one seriously, an event could happen that costs lives of the students at our school." - Jantzen Fenn "I was a little confused about it. I did not know what the app was IMG_0501until the day Mr. Cusik sent an email. It just makes me sad that this app is used to hurt people and create problems that are not necessary for anyone." -Kaela Whelan Written By: Katie Clark & Megan Carey