AP Testing Tips

apbooks1May...getting close to summer and AP tests just finished. Since AP tests were just administered, we wanted to provide advice for students taking their AP tests next year. Many students feel overwhelmed as they try to review the entire curriculum. On the other hand, some feel calm and prepared to tackle these important tests. In order to help other AP students next year, current AP students told us what they did to prepare for this stressful time of testing. BELLA CRAFTON: "Prayed, stress ate and colored in my coloring book." RACHEL DANGL: "Read the AP crash course and reviewed my notes." SAMMY KERRIGAN: "Absolutely nothing." CHRISTIAN YASSA: "I used study books and practice tests from past years." PIPER HJORT: "Read crash course and studied all my notes and I also watched crash course videos online." Written By: Katie Clark & Megan Carey


As the school year begins to come to a close seniors are busy doing their senior exits projects. In this last task to achieve their diploma students are asked to conduct an experiment where they test a new way of life that pushes them out of their comfort zones for a whole 10 days. From becoming speechless to getting rid of your phone these ten days truly put the seniors to the test. Cooper Hendrix is still struggling to decide how to use this valuable opportunity to walk in someone else's shoes. Hendrix says "I'm not sure, I have like three approved projects, and I've been doing all of them, but I haven't really selected just one yet." This project is definitely something that takes lots of research and preparations. Billy Mazzerelli decided to give up social media and replace it with physical activity. Mazzerelli says that "I liked it cause I realized how much I was using my phone in a day, and I learned how much more productive I was. And plus their where some benefits to the physical activity." For freshmen, sophomores and juniors start getting ideas for this amazing project and make the most out of this amazing opportunity. Written By: Megan Carey and Katie Clark

Addams Family Play

Just this past week, the NHHS drama department put on three productions of the Addams Family. These shows included two evening shows and 2 matinees. This show was adapted from the popular TV series and movie. We talked to a couple people from our drama department to get the inside scoop! Senior, Austin Christensen played the role of Mal Bienke and says it was one of his favorites series! His favorite part of doing this play was doing the show for the elementary kids when they came in during lunch. Christensen also claims that this play was not different in terms of the process, but it was different in the way the cast 81542a6d-589d-4b01-951c-0f000d370ca5has ever acted before. Everyone acted as a family and they all felt a really tight bond through the works of this production! Christensen says, “After [his] four years and 13 shows, [he] has never seen a closer cast and crew.” After interviewing the lovely Austin, we got the chance to talk to the very talented Chris Surridge! Chris began preparing for the play early this January upon receiving the script to study up on his role of Pugsley Addams (the younger son of Gomez and Morticia). Surridge says he had watched the original Addams Family on television (it always preceded the Twilight Zone re-runs) and also watched the two live-action films (The Addams Family and The Addams Family Values, the latter being his and his father's favorite). Chris’s favorite part of the play was one performance when a light bulb shattered on-stage during the opening, “my ratchet chain snapped off, and I got broken glass in my leg from the bulb.” After this encounter, Surridge realized that “as an actor, the gift of something going wrong both heightens our energy and keeps us on our toes.” The main thing that made the Addams Family different from their other shows was the fact that it was so modern, rather than classical like other plays they have done in the past. Surridge says this show was the second most successful play (besides the sold-out Mousetrap) this year and by having a good mix of both modern and classical pieces, the audience (parents and students) is able to truly appreciate the diversity of the acting and technical abilities as well as educating and enlightening everyone with all facets of theatrical joy. The mix of modern musicals of today and the classics of yesterday will keep our department thriving with new audiences and new challenges to the actors and tech. There's a show for everyone out there, whether modern Hach or legendary Shaw, and with our popular Addams Family and sold-out Mousetrap, we can safely say this diversity will continue. Written by Sophia Mendoza Photo Credit : Jillian Brazelton

ASB Postponed Elections

With the school year nearing the end, ASB typically holds an election in which students campaign and  vote on the next year ASB positions during the month of df85dadc-796f-4c7a-8c1f-61124e100ee6April. This year, campaigns only lasted about a week. After interviewing current Junior Class President, Jake Toohey we got the insight into why the elections were postponed. During every election a rulebook is handed out, in the first week of campaigning, “multiple rules were broken by multiple people leaving some candidates disqualified because of a minuscule rule” says Jake Toohey. Because the consequences for rule breaking was never defined in the book administration was aware of how much this election meant to the candidates and decided they would clean up the discrepancies and called for a reelection in May. This brought mixed emotions as “some candidates were relieved and grateful and other were bummed out but understood the rewrite was for the best” according to Jake Toohey who has been a member of ASB since freshman year.

Written By: Trudy Padden

Students Take Peru

While many Newport Harbor students basked in the sun in Cabo San Lucas or hit the slopes in Big Bear some very adventurous sailors trekked to Peru! From the heights of Machu Picchu to touring around the adorable town of Cusco these students were able to experience the beauty and fun that Peru has to offer! Many students who participated in this trip truly feel in love with this country. “My favorite part of the trip was being to interact with all the locals” says Betsy Calder. Not only was the trip itself an amazing experience but the participants truly made this trip magical. Calder also said that “the group that went to Peru was such a great group of kids.” Kate LaGranduer similarly speaks of the fun the sailor travelers had. LaGranduer explains that her favorite memory “was our last night in Peru where us girl40554c76-1385-414c-8e07-116ca771c6das had a prank war against the guys.” Overall Betsy Calder summed up her thoughts of this trip. “Peru was a once and a lifetime experience and I would do anything to go back. Words cannot describe how much I love and miss Peru” says Calder. As these sailors explored the beautiful land of Peru the bond between the students grew to create lasting friendships that will last a lifetime. Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset   The Peru trip truly was a “once in a lifetime experience” as Calder explained. The stunning pictures from the travelers give a glimpse into the exotic wonder of this vacation but nothing will compare to being in these places in person. These students were able to see much more than the sandy beaches of Mexico or the snowy mountains of a ski resort. From flaunting the native styles in Lima, boating in Lake Titicaca or playing with the adorable cats in the streets of Peru these students redefined the definition of a fun spring break. The excitement from everyone who participated in this adventure is evident of just how fun these trips are. If you’re ready for the experience of a lifetime sign up for a school trip, you won’t regret it! Written By: Katie Clark & Megan Carey

Social Media Scandal

Circulating in Newport Harbor news this week is the danger and impact of social media and the correlation that it has on the safety of our school. This Thursday teachers were alerted in 6th period to check their emails which told of a possible threat to the schools safety and that a lockdown would then be conducted. The threat was given on the popular app Ogle, a social media network that aims to keep the campus unified. Not only did Ogle tell of a school threat, but it's also a hub of cyber bullying. This threat is an obvious reminder of the power of social media on our campus as a whole and our need to stop using social media negatively. We interviewed students and asked their thoughts about this growing problem. "First of all, I would like to say that I do not think Ogle is a healthy environment for high schoolers to be involved with, especially since there is no censoring of the user, as it completely removes the feeling of responsibility for someone's actions. Not to mention, there have been cyber bullying events as well as postings of naked students on the app. As for the lockdown, I would say it's another drawback to the app. As I said before, without responsibility, someone can realize they have a test tomorrow, do not want to take it, announce they will shoot the next day and ditch to avoid the test, claiming they were scared of the shooting so they were absent. I think our school reacted in a perfectly valid and responsible way in that they did not overplay it, but still requested police intervention because the one time that we don't take threats like this one seriously, an event could happen that costs lives of the students at our school." - Jantzen Fenn "I was a little confused about it. I did not know what the app was IMG_0501until the day Mr. Cusik sent an email. It just makes me sad that this app is used to hurt people and create problems that are not necessary for anyone." -Kaela Whelan Written By: Katie Clark & Megan Carey

Mr. Newport

On Wednesday, March 23rd, Newport Harbor High School hosted its annual Mr. Newport competition, a mock beauty pageant in which eight senior boys go head to head, showing off their special talents, formal wear, and swimsuits, in order to find out who would be crowned Mr. Newport that year. The contestants this year were Briggs D’Eliscu, Gavin Kunkle, Carter Ling, Joey Shaprio, Talanivalu Olotoa, Austin Christensen, Joe Ahern, and Henry Lopez. All eight showcased their special talents, with D’Eliscu rolling sushi, Kunkle showing how to properly pack a suitcase, Ling telling stories whilst painting a picture, Shapiro lip-syncing, Olotoa cooking minute rice in fifty-seven seconds, Christensen singing “Luck be a Lady”, Ahern playing the cello, and Lopez playing Mario Brothers on his flute. The show posed a difficult decision for the judges, but the title of Mr. Newport was given to Carter Ling. The second place winner was Henry Lopez, followed closely by Briggs D’Eliscu who took third. Ling showed true sportsmanship following his win, as he graciously gave his crown to Joey Shapiro. Mr. Smith and Mr. Constandse hosted the event and provided witty banter with the contestants, entertaining the audience between acts, and making for an extremely enjoyable evening. Written By: Declan Sullivan

Holiday Spirit Week

The second to last week at Newport Harbor High School before winter break was full of holiday spirit, as Newport Harbor’s first Holiday Dance was about to be thrown. The days leading up to the dance were celebrated with a spirit week, with days such as Pajama Day, Happy Hula-Days, Winter Sportswear Day, Star Wars Day, and lastly Ugly Holiday Sweater Day. These themed days were accompanied by an Instagram competition amongst the students, as posts could be marked with the hashtag “nhhsholidayspiritweek”. Each day would have one winner who would receive a ticket to the Holiday Dance, and one winner was chosen for the entire week, their prize being a free Winter Formal Ticket. The overall spirit week winner was Sara Ramirez whose costumes and enthusiasm for spirit week earned her the victory. Ramirez “didn’t expect to win since a lot of people with great pictures participated as well” but followed through with her costumes anyway, providing inspiration to her friends and others to participate in spirit week.   Daily winners can be seen on Instagram: @newportharobr_asb. The week concluded with the rally for the Holiday Dance, which featured performances from Drama, ASB, and students who volunteered to be in games during the rally. On Saturday night, the Holiday Dance was held with a large turnout, as students from Newport Harbor attended, as well as students from other schools’ ASBs in the Orange County area. Students danced the night away to N-EFFECT’s DJs and had a break from the rush of school work prior to getting away for the holidays.   Sara Ramirez on spirit week: “Yes, it was very fun, embarrassing at times, but I think that is what spirit week is about. Being able to support your school and laughing at how we do it.”unnamed-1

(Tur)KEY Things to be Thankful For

Thanksgiving…a time to reflect on the many blessings we are so privileged to have. As Thanksgiving break comes to a close, the Beacon asked many NNHS students about what they did over thanksgiving and most importantly what they’re most thankful for.
Kayla Korhonen: IMG_2309 “This Thanksgiving break I spent quality time with my family. I am thankful for my brother and being able to celebrate his first thanksgiving with him.” Andy Myers: “I went to Palm Springs with my family and I played a tennis tournament while I was out there. I am thankful for all of my friends and family, animals and nature, and all the opportunities I am given to have such a great life, oh and I am grateful for Beyonce's existence." Kaela Whelan: “I practiced sports, enjoyed time with friends and family, and ate a lot! I am thankful for amazing friends and family that make me happy each and everyday!” Cody Campbell:IMG_0285

"For thanksgiving we all dressed as princesses and went to my uncles house and celebrated. Then we went Overlanding with my dads truck (aka camping). I am thankful for my family and friends." 

Sammy Kerrigan: “For Thanksgiving I went to my uncles house with the rest of my family and we had a big dinner. I’m thankful for the beautiful city I live in, my heath, my loving family, my amazing friends and delicious food!” Bella Crafton: “We had all of our family over for a Thanksgiving feast, rented a house down on the beach, surfed, rode bikes and played a big poker game! I am thankful for my crazy family, the beach, good food and music.” Malia Moore: “I went to San Diego and I’m thankful for my community.” Karis Couch: “I went to Ventura on Friday to be with my godfamily and I’m so grateful for my friends and family.” Taylor Craig: “I went to Arizona and I’m thankful for friends and family.” Holly Kanen: “I was grounded. I’m thankful for being grounded.”

Behind the Scenes of Pygmalion

This fall I had the amazing opportunity to work on Newport Harbor’s technician crew for their newest play, “Pygmalion”. During this experience I got to work with an amazing team of hard working individuals. The entire cast and crew invited me and put me to work! Pygmalion is a British comedy about a young peasant who is taken in by two speech specialists and she is trained to speak and act like a lady. On stage the show was a riveting comedy, but the real action took place backstage. From the audience all you see are the actors and the sets, but there is a lot more than that going on behind the curtain. Just a few feet to the left or right of the stage and there is a whole new world. In order to run a perfect show, or any show at all really, you need stage managers, assistant stage managers, lighting people, fly masters, sound people, and many more. We all have to work like a well oiled machine. It certainly is hard work but the best part of any work is seeing it turn into something beautiful. After we run what’s called “transitions” where we move sets on and off stage, we get to watch our work come together from behind the curtains. All together it was an amazing experience and if you ever get the chance to be part of the NHHS Drama Department, definitely take it!

Stage Left                                                                                                                       Stage Right

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