Mrs. Barry- Teacher of the Year

As the school year is coming to a close, the time has come to show your teachers your appreciation for them, (whether it’s heartfelt or in hope of a grade bump). Either way, it’s important to show gratitude towards your teacher. In lieu of this, our beloved biology teacher, Mrs. Barry, got an early start by receiving the well-deserved award of Teacher of the Year earlier this month. Mrs. Barry has been teaching for thirty-two years in the areas of Biology, Honors Biology, Physiology, and AP Biology (being her favorite). bfd832f1-2ae3-409b-a95a-ea3952cfc4c9Initially, Mrs. Barry did not pursue teaching: She worked in labs prior to becoming a middle school and high school teacher. Mrs. Barry said that she “had always loved playing teacher as a kid” and had remembered that years after college although she originally had planned a career in medicine. Her true passion for teaching is shown through the success in her students and her commitment to them. As a result she has received many awards such as the Bill Boyer award in 2008, which awarded by faculty, and now the teacher of the year award. The science department is very proud of Mrs. Barry representing their department well. Congratulations Mrs. Barry for all of your well deserved accomplishments! Written By: Tim Donald and Trudy Padden

Meet a NHHS Legend

Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting the incredible Dennis O'Hern! Even if you have never met Mr. O'Hern, you have probably seen his picture in the NHHS Hall of Fame or would instantly recognize his enthusiastic voice, because he does the announcements at our school's football games. But even before he was given this exciting position and honored for his achievements, he was already working as a teacher on campus. Mr. O'Hern shared so many wonderful experiences with us and now we can share them with you! Here's what he said: Mr. O'Hern was a teacher at Newport Harbor for thirty-three years and he taught many classes such as anthropology, US history, world history, and geography. He was very involved on campus and even "started the AP US history [program] back in 1975" at our school. Mr. O'Hern taught and inspired many of the teachers that work at our school today including Mr. Robinson, Mr. Torribio, and Mr. Govaars. As a teacher, he had to carry out "an extra curricular duty" on campus andde3db815-a80d-40a3-adbe-3256b2133316 he was first asked to be a football coach. Mr. O'Hern had "played [the sport] in high school" and really enjoyed it but he also liked hunting and the two activities conflicted during the fall season. However, when the school asked if he was interested in being the announcer at games, he gladly accepted and "[he's] been doing it ever since." Even though he wasn't paid for the job back then, now that he does receive money for announcing, he chooses to "donate it to the Newport Harbor Education Foundation." For fifty years Mr. O'Hern has pumped up the crowd and kept track of all the action taking place during the game from the announcer booth. He claims that his favorite part of the job is being able to "stay connected to [former] students and coaches." He also enjoys the excitement and spirit during "Friday night football games." He is extremely enthusiastic about the Davidson Field renovations and looks forward to the fantastic improvements to the stadium that the Sailor community will be able to enjoy during football season! Feel free to stop by the announcer booth and say hello to this friendly and generous NH legend! Written By: Jillian Birt-Russel & Emma Botros

Men’s Dance Team

The Men’s Dance Team, a team composed of juniors and senior, made a memorable appearance at the Aries Dance Show last month. They were trained by the very talented dance team. Their performance was based off of the music video of Justin Bieber’s hit song “Sorry.” Almost all of the Men’s Dance Team had never danced in a choreographed dance in front of large audience. In years past, the Men’s Dance Team has been a crowd favorite and this year was no different. They came on near the end of the Aries show which rounded out this amazing show put on by all of the dance teams. Many of the dance team members found a new respect for what the dance team does and all the hard work and time they put in to it. “Dancing was definitely harder than I expected. I have so much more appreciation for what the girls do and how hard they work.” said Senior Grady. Men’s Dance Team member Josh describes his time of the team as “ a life changing experience” and it is something he will never forget. Apart from the dancing the team bonded. Sean Kormaz said his favorite part was “waiting around in the scene room before we went on stage. It was just all the boys having a good time and bonding.” The Men’s Dance Team attributes their success to the dance team that helped them prepare and went over and over the choreography until the the boys could do it in their sleep. Overall all of the dance teams did a tremendous job putting on an excellent show for students, parents and the community. Written By: Mollie Crook

Dancing with the Staff

In the month of December, our Varsity and J.V. Dance Team joined together with our faculty, and put on the wonderful show of Dancing With the Staff. The concept is a spin off of the T.V. show, Dancing the Stars, but instead of celebrities we use teachers and faculty of Newport Harbor High School. “It was a splendid show!” says Junior, Bella Palazzo, after attending the Wednesday night show with a few of her friends. A lot of time and energy gets put into the making of this show. The dancers and teachers have a limited time to learn and perfect their performances. They practice the dance in any available time they have, such as break, lunch, before and after school. Two shows are performed, both at the Robert Wentz Theater located at our very own high school. Each night had very high attendance, that included family, students and staff. This year the crowd voted Adrianna, one of the schools security guard’s, who danced with Olivia Jones and Rachael Hall, as the winner for the Wednesday night performance. The second night, Thursday, Math teachers O’Leary and Malcus, took the favored glitter ball trophy. Senior Olivia Jones, who danced with Adrianna Wood, who says, “I learned to really appreciate all she does for our school, and realized how much she cares about everyone”. They worked long and hard to perfect their army themed dance and created custom costumes. The dancers love getting to know the staff better and the staff loves the opportunity to show off their moves on stage in front of their student, coworkers, and family. It was a great two-night event that both the students and the staff greatly enjoyed. Written By:Trudy Padden and Sophia Mendoza

Teachers Give Thanks

With Thanksgiving this week and the most wonderful time of the year on its way, it's time to get into the holiday spirit! It's also a great time to cherish everything and everyone you have in your live, so we went and asked some of the staff of NHHS about what they are most thankful for! Here's what they said:
"I am thankful for family, friends, wonderful books and good food." - Mrs. Pogue, English
"I'm thankful for my family's health." - Mr. Constandse, Science
"I'm thankful for my awesome students. I love them very much." - Mrs. Albitar, Foreign Language 
"I'm thankful for my family, friends, health, functions and graphing." -Mrs. O'Leary, Math

There are so many wonderful things to be grateful for this holiday season! We hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving!!

Look for Cook!

a4e3c1c3-40fa-4c1b-aae0-581d3881a355For the first time ever, YMCA’s Youth and Government program hosted its first conference of the year in Fresno, California. For those of you who don’t know, Youth and government is a nationwide high school program that allows students to run a model government. Along with numerous delegations from across the state, the Newport Harbor delegation attended with flying colors. In addition to Newport Harbor’s delegation bearing a significant increase of delicates this year, its very own Kabele Cook ran for the programs secretary of state. The secretary of state is responsible for being in charge of elections, and is the programs spokesperson thus constitutes that position as the second highest in command. “I chose this role because it’s a very physical role within Youth and Government and I really wanted the opportunity to speak in front of the entire program” said Kabele Cook. Unfortunately Cook’s ‘Look for Cook’ slogan and campaigning skills didn’t cut it against her competitors. However, Cook will still go on to play an important role as the Department of finance’s Deputy Director which will put her in charge of not only 75 delicates but also allows her to present their proposal on what the California State budget should be. The Newport Harbor delegation is very proud of her and as for the rest of our Newport Harbor delicates, we’ll see you next conference!

Welcome Home(coming) Sailors!

Homecoming was held at Haborside, Balboa Pavilion. This was the third homecoming off campus and the location was a success. The theme was Welcome Sailors modeled after the famous photo of the sailor and nurse in Time Square. The rally got students excited for the dance with performances by dance, song, cheer, field hockey, baton and ASB. The clever saying publicizes by ASB, BYOB, meaning Bring Your Own Boat was a hit and many students did show up by boat. They had a DJ and for entertainment a fun photo booth.“It was a great way to kick off freshman year” said Freshman Ella Donald. All grades were pleased with the dance and ASB was to thank for that but that does not go without saying, it was a lot of work. “We worked hard for 2 weeks for the rally and the dance and we were really happy when we reached our mark.” said ASB member Junior Sophia Mendoza. This homecoming was one for the books and students can not wait for the next dance, see you at formal!

Gone but Not Forgotten

The Newport Harbor community lost a great member on October 19th, 2015. Mr. Daniel was a beloved history teacher and friend of many. His passion, and love for his students was greatly admired by his colleagues, and “…not only was he someone who spoke up for kids but he spoke up for his fellow teachers,” shares Mrs. Newman. Something that stood out to Mr. Robinson as a former student of his and now a fellow teacher, was the amount of importance his students’ opinions held for him and he always “let them have that moment of having their opinion have worth.” Mr. Daniel always encouraged his students to feel comfortable sharing their opinions “which I think is what being a good teacher is all about.” One of Mrs. Newman’s favorite memories of him was at a Cultural Diversity rally several years back, when he astonished his colleagues by getting “ out in the middle of the gym and… dancing in front of everyone.” This surprised her because it was something you would never expect from him, and it introduced her to a whole other side of him that she had never seen before. Mr. Daniel was a courageous man, a passionate teacher, and a beloved friend. He loved this school, and he worked hard to make it a better place. He will be greatly missed.


Club Rush is an annual tradition that invites clubs just beginning or long established to advertise there clubs. Club rush is truly a rush of people running around looking at all the poster and tables put up by different clubs. The tables are elaborately decorated and usually adorned with a bowl of candy in order to entice the students, even though some students only came to get some extra credit from their teachers. Whether they wanted to be there or not there were close to 300 students swarming around tables in a confined space, shouting and campaigning and club leaders forcing putting stickers on an arm or a back of a student passing by. There were many impressive clubs present at Club Rush, but a few stood out above the rest. Stand Up to Cancer was one of the stand outs. It is led by junior Chandler Simonsma. Although this was there inaugural year they had big plans for the year. They plans help get the students and the school involved and aware of cancer. They also planned to raise money to find a cure. They only have 2 members at the moment they are part of the Stand Up to Cancer foundation, which is a nationwide organization. Stand Up to Cancer meets ever Tuesday. Another stand out was Becketts Buddies. The goal of Brecketts Buddies is to, “spread awareness of cystic fibrosis and to get more people involved,” said president, junior Trudy Padden. She was inspired to start this club after a child from her neighborhood was diagnosed with this disease. They fundraise and spread awareness of this terrible disease. Every year they do a walk at Angel Stadium supporting the cure for cystic fibrosis. They meet once a month. There were too many amazing clubs that it was difficult to narrow it down to only a few stand outs. The impressive amount of students that put so much time and effort into there club was astounding. Club Rush is an excellent opportunity for everyone to get involved in their school in some way or another.