Gone but Not Forgotten

The Newport Harbor community lost a great member on October 19th, 2015. Mr. Daniel was a beloved history teacher and friend of many. His passion, and love for his students was greatly admired by his colleagues, and “…not only was he someone who spoke up for kids but he spoke up for his fellow teachers,” shares Mrs. Newman. Something that stood out to Mr. Robinson as a former student of his and now a fellow teacher, was the amount of importance his students’ opinions held for him and he always “let them have that moment of having their opinion have worth.” Mr. Daniel always encouraged his students to feel comfortable sharing their opinions “which I think is what being a good teacher is all about.” One of Mrs. Newman’s favorite memories of him was at a Cultural Diversity rally several years back, when he astonished his colleagues by getting “ out in the middle of the gym and… dancing in front of everyone.” This surprised her because it was something you would never expect from him, and it introduced her to a whole other side of him that she had never seen before. Mr. Daniel was a courageous man, a passionate teacher, and a beloved friend. He loved this school, and he worked hard to make it a better place. He will be greatly missed.