Boys Basketball Season

IMG_0657 The Basketball experience Newport Harbor’s Varsity Boys Basketball’s 2015-2016 season can be described as thrilling. When they beat Huntington Beach in overtime in early February, they became the seventh Newport Harbor team to record 20 wins. When they defeated Edison 61-51 at home, they ended a 15-game losing streak to the Chargers. It was an awesome season but it came to a disappointing finish with the first round playoff loss to Perris High School 52-44. In the words of sophomore six foot seven inches center Josh Phillips, “it was a quick playoff experience.” The Sailor boys finished 6-4 in league and 21-7 in the entire season, the team felt “pretty good” about the direction their season went. The highlight of the varsity season was definitely the win over Edison at home. It was the first victory for the Sailors against Edison since the 2007-2008 season and, as they split the season series in a tie for 2nd place, a coin flip determined the league’s No.2 entry into the CIF Southern Section Division 2AA playoffs. The Sailors lost the coin toss and ended up having to face a more difficult playoff opponent than Edison. It was the 4th year in a row that the Sailors have made the CIF Playoffs. The Newport Harbors Junior Varsity Basketball team also had a good season that ended as the boys finished second in league with a 6-4 league record and an all around record of 21-6. IMG_0656 “We started off good at first but [we] did not finish well,” said JV starter RJ Haskell. Haskell described his JV experience as all round “good support from the guys.” The highlight of the JV season came as they defeated cross-town rival Corona Del Mar in the Battle of the Bay game. The Newport Harbor Freshmen Basketball team had an epic season finishing 10-0 in league with first place and 24-0 in the entire season. This was thought the first undefeated boys basketball at any level ever. In the words of freshman James McConnaughey, “it was fun winning” and their coach, Coach Offer “an amazing coach and he helped us be prepared for every game.” Pictures: Left- JV Team, Right- Charlie Stassel on Varsity Written by Eann McKasson

Valentines Day Thoughts

Valentines Day can either be viewed as a loving holiday or just a cheesy excuse to celebrate. We decided to ask students about their views on the holiday and compare their views. First, we asked the girls perspectives, one of which was Betsy Calder, a sophomore, shared her thoughts with us on Valentines Day. 27396328-d528-47d0-ad0e-311d846f17e5 She said that it is anything but a cheesy holiday and she loves all aspects about it. Her favorite part about Valentines Day is the flowers and bouquets that are gifted. Betsy believes that everyone in a relationship should celebrate Valentines Day! Processed with VSCOcam with e1 preset Another sophomore, Maddie Ciano, believes that Valentine's Day "would be great if everyone had a significant other. But seeing as that is obviously not the case, Valentine's Day seems to be a commercialization opportunity for most restaurants and stores. It is a great money-making opportunity and if you love someone you should show it to them everyday and not just on February 14."  Well said, that's right, you should show your significant other that you care for them everyday. If you don't have a Valentine, then just hang out with friends. In the photo, Ciano is pictured on the RIGHT with a friend. Written by: Jordan Golden & Kate LaGrandeur

Holiday Spirit Week

The second to last week at Newport Harbor High School before winter break was full of holiday spirit, as Newport Harbor’s first Holiday Dance was about to be thrown. The days leading up to the dance were celebrated with a spirit week, with days such as Pajama Day, Happy Hula-Days, Winter Sportswear Day, Star Wars Day, and lastly Ugly Holiday Sweater Day. These themed days were accompanied by an Instagram competition amongst the students, as posts could be marked with the hashtag “nhhsholidayspiritweek”. Each day would have one winner who would receive a ticket to the Holiday Dance, and one winner was chosen for the entire week, their prize being a free Winter Formal Ticket. The overall spirit week winner was Sara Ramirez whose costumes and enthusiasm for spirit week earned her the victory. Ramirez “didn’t expect to win since a lot of people with great pictures participated as well” but followed through with her costumes anyway, providing inspiration to her friends and others to participate in spirit week.   Daily winners can be seen on Instagram: @newportharobr_asb. The week concluded with the rally for the Holiday Dance, which featured performances from Drama, ASB, and students who volunteered to be in games during the rally. On Saturday night, the Holiday Dance was held with a large turnout, as students from Newport Harbor attended, as well as students from other schools’ ASBs in the Orange County area. Students danced the night away to N-EFFECT’s DJs and had a break from the rush of school work prior to getting away for the holidays.   Sara Ramirez on spirit week: “Yes, it was very fun, embarrassing at times, but I think that is what spirit week is about. Being able to support your school and laughing at how we do it.”unnamed-1

Holiday Traditions

Kate LaGrandeur:
  As the holiday season is approaching we went around and asked students about their favorite holiday traditions. Sophomore Holly Kanen, told us that one of her favorite traditions is going to Disneyland every Christmas Eve with her family.  She loves how all the decorations are put up and it is something she looks forward to every year. Other Sophomore Kaela Whelan told us that being surrounded by friends and family every year is something she has always done and is her favorite thing about the holiday seunnamed-2ason.                 Kaela Whelan unnamed-1             Holly Kanen
Stephanie Ramirez:
  What are your family's Christmas traditions? Bella E Marler-Mulvenna “My family will come to our house and have a huge dinner. Later we will swap presents and varies whether it is on Christmas Eve or Christmas day since we switch it every year.” What is your Christmas wish for this year? Melissa Lima “I want Justin Bieber for Christmas because he’s hot and I’ve been wanting him since 2008.” Bella E Marler-Mulvenna “I want to have my great grandmother get through another Christmas, she’s 98.” What your favorite Christmas song or movie? Eunice Nacho “I love hearing the song Oh Christmas Tree. I don’t know why it’s weird.” Bella E Marler-Mulvenna “I love the movie Home Alone and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer by Dean Martin is hilarious.” Would you rather have to ruin the illusion of Santa for kids every year or listen to any Christmas song until your ears bleed? Melissa Lima “I would rather ruin Santa to kids every year.” Bella E Marler-Mulvenna “I would rather have my ears bleed. I wouldn’t want to do that to kids.”
Jordan Golden:
    Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Julia Gregory

{Sophomore Cheerleader @ NHHS}


Griffin Saltron

{Sophomore Surfer @ NHHS}

What are you thankful for during Christmas time? Julia Gregory: "I'm thankful for the opportunity Christmas gives, to spend time with family and friends." Griffin Saltron: "Time I get to spend with my family." What food do you eat? Julia Gregory: "On Christmas my favorite food is probably all the deserts, especially apple pie. But during the whole season I drink peppermint mochas." Griffin Saltron: "Tons of grub." What do you want the most for Christmas? Julia Gregory: "The Rose Gold iPhone 6s 😍." Griffin Saltron: "My two front teeth."   What do you and your family do to celebrate christmas? Do you decorate your house, if so, how? Julia Gregory: "We visit a lot of family and go to tons of dinners and brunches throughout the whole holiday. We decorate with a really big tree and lights up on our house. My mom puts up poinsettias and wreaths everywhere around the house and we even have a blow up Frosty the Snowman on our rough." Griffin Saltron: "Drive to a bunch of houses to visit family and  grub hard."          

Dancing with the Staff

In the month of December, our Varsity and J.V. Dance Team joined together with our faculty, and put on the wonderful show of Dancing With the Staff. The concept is a spin off of the T.V. show, Dancing the Stars, but instead of celebrities we use teachers and faculty of Newport Harbor High School. “It was a splendid show!” says Junior, Bella Palazzo, after attending the Wednesday night show with a few of her friends. A lot of time and energy gets put into the making of this show. The dancers and teachers have a limited time to learn and perfect their performances. They practice the dance in any available time they have, such as break, lunch, before and after school. Two shows are performed, both at the Robert Wentz Theater located at our very own high school. Each night had very high attendance, that included family, students and staff. This year the crowd voted Adrianna, one of the schools security guard’s, who danced with Olivia Jones and Rachael Hall, as the winner for the Wednesday night performance. The second night, Thursday, Math teachers O’Leary and Malcus, took the favored glitter ball trophy. Senior Olivia Jones, who danced with Adrianna Wood, who says, “I learned to really appreciate all she does for our school, and realized how much she cares about everyone”. They worked long and hard to perfect their army themed dance and created custom costumes. The dancers love getting to know the staff better and the staff loves the opportunity to show off their moves on stage in front of their student, coworkers, and family. It was a great two-night event that both the students and the staff greatly enjoyed. Written By:Trudy Padden and Sophia Mendoza

Teachers Give Thanks

With Thanksgiving this week and the most wonderful time of the year on its way, it's time to get into the holiday spirit! It's also a great time to cherish everything and everyone you have in your live, so we went and asked some of the staff of NHHS about what they are most thankful for! Here's what they said:
"I am thankful for family, friends, wonderful books and good food." - Mrs. Pogue, English
"I'm thankful for my family's health." - Mr. Constandse, Science
"I'm thankful for my awesome students. I love them very much." - Mrs. Albitar, Foreign Language 
"I'm thankful for my family, friends, health, functions and graphing." -Mrs. O'Leary, Math

There are so many wonderful things to be grateful for this holiday season! We hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving!!

Got Halloween Costumes?

Halloween is one of the very few nights in which we are able to dress up as whatever or who ever we like and get candy for doing so.  From detailed makeup looks, to crazy clothing, the costume possibilities are endless.  There’s the pumpkin carvings, terrifying decorations, to even just watching scary movies in honor of Halloween. Let’s be honest though, what we mostly care about for Halloween are the costumes. There are the types of costumes that will haunt our dreams from that day forth, to creative costumes that when you first gaze upon it you don’t understand what you are looking at until they explain the concept to you. To help get into the Halloween spirit we asked students on campus what they are planning on being for this Halloween.

Stephanie Ramirez- I asked around the students of Newport Harbor to see what they were going to be for Halloween this year. I asked Joellez Lopez what she was going to be and she said that “she was going to be Stacy from an Extremely Goofy Movie” since the movie was a favorite of hers. IMG_0438
  • I then proceeded to ask her what plans she had for Halloween to show off this costume which she then replied that she was going to trick or treat and how it did not matter how scary a house looked “if it had candy [she] was there.”
I also asked Anthony Agama what he was going as for Halloween and he answered by telling me his plans to “be blackmail by dressing in all black and having mail attached” which was meant to show his download (6)creativity. I also asked him what his plans were for the Halloween to which he responded that every year on Halloween he “trick or treats and [he] tries to fill a pillowcase of candy. [He] also likes to go with friends and walk around the haunted houses nearby and walk in the mazes and just have fun and enjoy the night.” He makes a great point that even though costumes are a big part of Halloween it’s also about enjoying yourself no matter what you are wearing.

Jordan Golden- Another creative costume idea was dressing up as the "Taylor Swift Squad". Commonly referred to as "squad goals" (pictured from left to right), Hannah Hobrecht, Juliana Martinez, Holly Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 4.08.49 PMTaylor_Swift_Bad_BloodNance, Blake Ling, and Sara Grams imitated this talented group of celebrities featured in Taylor Swift's Bad Blood music video . Hobrecht was Selena Gomez, Martinez was Gigi Hadid, Nance was Taylor Swift, Ling was Zendaya, and Grams was Karlie Kloss.