Meet our staff!

Editor-In-Chief: Jordan Golden

News Editors: Katie Clark & Megan Carey

Student Life Editors: Andie Lee & Kate LaGrandeur

Features Editors: Mollie Crook & Jordan Golden

Opinion Editor: Julia Gregory

Sports Editors: Eann McKasson, Jillian Birt-Russel, & Rachel Davis

Staff Writers: Stephanie Ramirez, Jack Taylor, Veronica Lopez, Trudy Padden, Tim Donald, Sophia Mendoza, Declan Sullivan, Elena Watson, Amanda Wertheimer, Ava Glassen, Bianca Lutz, Jaden Golden, Carly Yasko, Calista Kerins, Casey Church, Chloe Swanson, Delaney Knipp, Elizabeth Peters, Emily Ziegler, Grace Kaley, Jarrtan Ellis Josch, Kenia Trujillo, Kyoko Downey, Lily Robertson, Lea Ozdere, Mia Guzman, Nathan Medina, Sophie Stameson, & Veronica Lopez-Franquis

Advisor: Matt Johnson


Heres a little info about our school:

Newport Harbor High School (NHHS), founded in 1930, is proud of its rich tradition as an outstanding school, confirmed by its designations as a California Distinguished School, a National Blue Ribbon School, and currently as an International Baccalaureate School. Many NHHS graduates continue to reside in the area and watch as their children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren graduate.

Newport Harbor High School educators and administrators are committed to providing an outstanding instructional program to all students. Through a variety of innovative and specialized programs, faculty and staff ensure that each student is provided opportunities to reach his or her full potential. Through a process of shared decision-making, the faculty and staff at Newport Harbor High work closely to create a dynamic and challenging school environment that engages the entire Newport Harbor school community.

Our Mission and Vision and Beliefs statements have been developed collaboratively, as have our ESLRs. All reflect the Newport Harbor High School shareholder’s view of our educational priorities and goals. They are posted throughout our school as a reminder to all of our purpose and priorities.

Vision Statement (Long-term goal of Newport Harbor High School):

Founded in 1930, fostered through a process of shared decision-making, the faculty and staff at Newport Harbor High School work closely to create a dynamic and challenging school environment.

Mission Statement (Short-term, daily goals at Newport Harbor High School):

We believe all students will become productive and successful members of our global society by challenging each student to his or her academic and personal potential.