Addams Family Play

Just this past week, the NHHS drama department put on three productions of the Addams Family. These shows included two evening shows and 2 matinees. This show was adapted from the popular TV series and movie. We talked to a couple people from our drama department to get the inside scoop! Senior, Austin Christensen played the role of Mal Bienke and says it was one of his favorites series! His favorite part of doing this play was doing the show for the elementary kids when they came in during lunch. Christensen also claims that this play was not different in terms of the process, but it was different in the way the cast 81542a6d-589d-4b01-951c-0f000d370ca5has ever acted before. Everyone acted as a family and they all felt a really tight bond through the works of this production! Christensen says, “After [his] four years and 13 shows, [he] has never seen a closer cast and crew.” After interviewing the lovely Austin, we got the chance to talk to the very talented Chris Surridge! Chris began preparing for the play early this January upon receiving the script to study up on his role of Pugsley Addams (the younger son of Gomez and Morticia). Surridge says he had watched the original Addams Family on television (it always preceded the Twilight Zone re-runs) and also watched the two live-action films (The Addams Family and The Addams Family Values, the latter being his and his father's favorite). Chris’s favorite part of the play was one performance when a light bulb shattered on-stage during the opening, “my ratchet chain snapped off, and I got broken glass in my leg from the bulb.” After this encounter, Surridge realized that “as an actor, the gift of something going wrong both heightens our energy and keeps us on our toes.” The main thing that made the Addams Family different from their other shows was the fact that it was so modern, rather than classical like other plays they have done in the past. Surridge says this show was the second most successful play (besides the sold-out Mousetrap) this year and by having a good mix of both modern and classical pieces, the audience (parents and students) is able to truly appreciate the diversity of the acting and technical abilities as well as educating and enlightening everyone with all facets of theatrical joy. The mix of modern musicals of today and the classics of yesterday will keep our department thriving with new audiences and new challenges to the actors and tech. There's a show for everyone out there, whether modern Hach or legendary Shaw, and with our popular Addams Family and sold-out Mousetrap, we can safely say this diversity will continue. Written by Sophia Mendoza Photo Credit : Jillian Brazelton

ASB Postponed Elections

With the school year nearing the end, ASB typically holds an election in which students campaign and  vote on the next year ASB positions during the month of df85dadc-796f-4c7a-8c1f-61124e100ee6April. This year, campaigns only lasted about a week. After interviewing current Junior Class President, Jake Toohey we got the insight into why the elections were postponed. During every election a rulebook is handed out, in the first week of campaigning, “multiple rules were broken by multiple people leaving some candidates disqualified because of a minuscule rule” says Jake Toohey. Because the consequences for rule breaking was never defined in the book administration was aware of how much this election meant to the candidates and decided they would clean up the discrepancies and called for a reelection in May. This brought mixed emotions as “some candidates were relieved and grateful and other were bummed out but understood the rewrite was for the best” according to Jake Toohey who has been a member of ASB since freshman year.

Written By: Trudy Padden

Meet a NHHS Legend

Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting the incredible Dennis O'Hern! Even if you have never met Mr. O'Hern, you have probably seen his picture in the NHHS Hall of Fame or would instantly recognize his enthusiastic voice, because he does the announcements at our school's football games. But even before he was given this exciting position and honored for his achievements, he was already working as a teacher on campus. Mr. O'Hern shared so many wonderful experiences with us and now we can share them with you! Here's what he said: Mr. O'Hern was a teacher at Newport Harbor for thirty-three years and he taught many classes such as anthropology, US history, world history, and geography. He was very involved on campus and even "started the AP US history [program] back in 1975" at our school. Mr. O'Hern taught and inspired many of the teachers that work at our school today including Mr. Robinson, Mr. Torribio, and Mr. Govaars. As a teacher, he had to carry out "an extra curricular duty" on campus andde3db815-a80d-40a3-adbe-3256b2133316 he was first asked to be a football coach. Mr. O'Hern had "played [the sport] in high school" and really enjoyed it but he also liked hunting and the two activities conflicted during the fall season. However, when the school asked if he was interested in being the announcer at games, he gladly accepted and "[he's] been doing it ever since." Even though he wasn't paid for the job back then, now that he does receive money for announcing, he chooses to "donate it to the Newport Harbor Education Foundation." For fifty years Mr. O'Hern has pumped up the crowd and kept track of all the action taking place during the game from the announcer booth. He claims that his favorite part of the job is being able to "stay connected to [former] students and coaches." He also enjoys the excitement and spirit during "Friday night football games." He is extremely enthusiastic about the Davidson Field renovations and looks forward to the fantastic improvements to the stadium that the Sailor community will be able to enjoy during football season! Feel free to stop by the announcer booth and say hello to this friendly and generous NH legend! Written By: Jillian Birt-Russel & Emma Botros

Students Take Peru

While many Newport Harbor students basked in the sun in Cabo San Lucas or hit the slopes in Big Bear some very adventurous sailors trekked to Peru! From the heights of Machu Picchu to touring around the adorable town of Cusco these students were able to experience the beauty and fun that Peru has to offer! Many students who participated in this trip truly feel in love with this country. “My favorite part of the trip was being to interact with all the locals” says Betsy Calder. Not only was the trip itself an amazing experience but the participants truly made this trip magical. Calder also said that “the group that went to Peru was such a great group of kids.” Kate LaGranduer similarly speaks of the fun the sailor travelers had. LaGranduer explains that her favorite memory “was our last night in Peru where us girl40554c76-1385-414c-8e07-116ca771c6das had a prank war against the guys.” Overall Betsy Calder summed up her thoughts of this trip. “Peru was a once and a lifetime experience and I would do anything to go back. Words cannot describe how much I love and miss Peru” says Calder. As these sailors explored the beautiful land of Peru the bond between the students grew to create lasting friendships that will last a lifetime. Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset   The Peru trip truly was a “once in a lifetime experience” as Calder explained. The stunning pictures from the travelers give a glimpse into the exotic wonder of this vacation but nothing will compare to being in these places in person. These students were able to see much more than the sandy beaches of Mexico or the snowy mountains of a ski resort. From flaunting the native styles in Lima, boating in Lake Titicaca or playing with the adorable cats in the streets of Peru these students redefined the definition of a fun spring break. The excitement from everyone who participated in this adventure is evident of just how fun these trips are. If you’re ready for the experience of a lifetime sign up for a school trip, you won’t regret it! Written By: Katie Clark & Megan Carey

Boys Varsity Volleyball

Newport Harbor’s Varsity Boys Volleyball team is in the midst of a phenomenal season and they are looking for not only a Sunset League victory but a section title as well. The last time the Sailor boys won the Division I title some of the people on the team were not born yet; it was 17 years ago in 1999.

Currently, the Sailors are tied with the Huntington Beach Oilers for first place (each 7-1 in league). If both teams win their remaining two games, the league’s top seed would go to Newport Harbor who has more points in their match ups. The Sailors and the Oilers are battling it out this season. At their first meeting, the Sailors snapped Huntington Beach’s unbelievable national record 121- match winning streak by defeating the Oilers in four sets. In their next meeting, the Oilers, who are reigning section champions, beat the Sailored21627b-ec71-46c0-b1e9-772a15ac3ae6s also in four sets. Making the rivalry even more interesting is that second year Sailor Coach, Rocky Ciarelli, previously coached the Oilers for 24 years. Despite the loss, the expectations are still high for the Sailors,51bc6d47-7870-4b37-b475-4a782a486b7d as they believe they will win the remaining games of the season. The Sailors look forward toward the bright future, as they are a very young team with six underclassmen and only one senior. Cole Pender, a sophomore outside hitter, has led the team along with freshman outside hitter Dayne Chalmers, sophomore middle blocker Ethan Tally, junior opposite Landon Monroe, junior middle blocker Spencer Lawrence, junior setter Carlos Rivera and junior libero Max Toffel. All starters have multiple years left in their high school careers; so fans at Newport Harbor should be expecting great achievements from their volleyball team in the years to come.a765a170-61fa-43be-87ff-d04010515214 Written By: Eann McKasson

Coachella or Coachillin?

Few students at Newport Harbor go to Coachella- however many want to. Cost, time, and a place to stay, are constant struggles in the overpriced festival season. I decided to share my past Coachella experiences, in order to establish a better definition of Coachella, other than the typical “music festival” response. Credibility Note: I have been to Coachella twice- Weekend Two VIP 2015 & Weekend One GA 2016.

  430e0343-a40c-42a0-8af9-25fec2352e1cFirst of all, you choose your crowd. You can choose to hang out with either the “crazies” or “normal” people. The common stereotype of Coachella is that everyone is crazy and wild, however this is not always the case. When I first went to Coachella, I went to Weekend Two. If you are going to Coachella for the first time, I would definitely suggest going to Weekend Two. There are around 30,000 less people there when compared to Weekend One. Also, tickets are cheaper (if you buy off of Craigslist)! This year, I decided to go to Coachella Weekend One. Honestly, it was way more crowded than last year- but this might be because the lineup this year was better than last year. I ended up going with General Admission because of the price. I got two tickets the night before Coachella Weekend One this year and paid more than face value because I waited until the last minute. Secondly, go on Craigslist to look for wristbands. Seriously. The wristbands are usually cheaper than face value. The most important thing to do is to download the actual Coachella App in the Apple Store. This way, you can register your wristbands in front of the person selling them before you spend $500+ for wristbands that might not even work (yes, sadly many fake Coachella wristbands are on Craigslist). This year at Weekend One, I actually witnessed two people’s wristbands be denied from the scanners to get into Coachella because they unknowingly purchased fake tickets over Craigslist. Usually the best time to go look for wristbands on Craigslist is two to three days before the festival. On the day of the festival this year, people were charging $700 and up just for General Admission tickets, which were about double of the original face value. Just plan ahead. If you do not have the time and money for Coachella, just go for one day. Drive up to Indio and have a friend try to find wristbands on Craigslist on your way there. On Sunday night, one day tickets were just $100-$150. You can sleep in your car if worst comes to worst and you do not find a place to stay. Sleeping in your car does not cost any money, and many people who attend Coachella do this because all hotels are sold out or extremely overpriced. Note: I attended all three days of Coachella Weekend One. I stayed with family friends and did not pay for a hotel, nor sleep in a car. Coachella also has a campground but I have never tried it. Do yourself a favor and buy a Shuttle Pass. This way, you get to avoid the approximately 1 mile walk to Coachella through the camping section. Also, when leaving Coachella, you still have to walk a bit to get to the shuttle, but after you get free water and get dropped off at a hotel. Once at a hotel, try to get an Uber. Even better, on the actual shuttle try to secure an Uber. Let me warn you that Ubers during festival nights are very overpriced and unavailable. Make sure you have Lyft and Uber apps from the Apple Store on your phone for options because all Taxi lines are busy and take at least an hour to arrive. ***Phone service is very limited at Coachella- sometimes my phone worked, sometimes it did not. It is horrible and great at the same time because you truly get to enjoy being in the moment. Since service is limited, I recommend printing out the concert schedule and times beforehand- and trying to put them in a plastic cover of some sort. This is because of the wind/dirt/regular wear and tear will destroy the normal printer paper. To organize what bands I was seeing and at what time, I circled bands on the schedule. This way, in case your phone dies or you do not have service, you do not have to worry (that much). Coachella usually posts an official picture with the final lineup and times on their website. Lastly, relax & enjoy yourself! Written By: Jordan Golden

JV Girls LAX

53913451-1d20-42f2-a834-283d2d3f553cThe 2016 girls JV and JV Blue teams have found the season so far to be very successful, both teams have seen positive results from the effort they have put into playing the game this year.The girl’s lacrosse teams have been doing very well all season and it comes from the teams putting in all the time in practice, carrying out the drills, finishing parfait fitness days, and runs through the back bay. The Junior Varsity team’s record is 13-1-1 and the JV Blue team had a 14-0-0 record going into the last few weeks of the season that they have left. Beginning new sports in high school offers a variety of opportunities and lacrosse is no exception to that.d89f19dd-41b3-430f-bcf6-a28511ff6aec JV Blue player, Delaney Knipp says, “Lacrosse has completely changed my life. By joining my team I have become friends with a group of girls I never would have seen myself with otherwise. Everyone is incredibly supportive and through the team my confidence has spiked upwards. Also my favorite part of playing lacrosse is that you get to run fast and that it is a speed game. ” When asked about what contributes to the JV wins, 7215db5c-6767-45bd-9bd4-a3217e7bebfaSarah Sheldon said, “I believe our wins reflect how much work we put into our practices. We are constantly improving. Also as a team we are friends so playing together is natural. The reason why I play lacrosse is because it is fun!” Another player of the JV Blue team, Jade Rettig, shares that her favorite part of joining the lacrosse team this year is “getting to know my team and playing the games.” Lacrosse combines the mental and physical strength of every player on the field because strength in those areas are key to finishing out the fifty minute game. The development of this part of the game along with the actual skill of playing lacrosse can be thanks to the coa5e5455ad-eb62-47e2-83b8-2103179c19bcches and dedication of the players. Written By: Andie Lee