Welcome Home(coming) Sailors!

Homecoming was held at Haborside, Balboa Pavilion. This was the third homecoming off campus and the location was a success. The theme was Welcome Sailors modeled after the famous photo of the sailor and nurse in Time Square. The rally got students excited for the dance with performances by dance, song, cheer, field hockey, baton and ASB. The clever saying publicizes by ASB, BYOB, meaning Bring Your Own Boat was a hit and many students did show up by boat. They had a DJ and for entertainment a fun photo booth.“It was a great way to kick off freshman year” said Freshman Ella Donald. All grades were pleased with the dance and ASB was to thank for that but that does not go without saying, it was a lot of work. “We worked hard for 2 weeks for the rally and the dance and we were really happy when we reached our mark.” said ASB member Junior Sophia Mendoza. This homecoming was one for the books and students can not wait for the next dance, see you at formal!

2015 Sunset League Champions

IMG_1844Varsity Tennis finishes off the season with an incredible win against Los Alamitos on Tuesday, October 20th. One senior captain, Kendall Cosenza, said, “It felt amazing because we haven’t done it in five years so being on the team to do it was a really great feeling.” Kendall Cosenza and her partner, Anna Burke, played #1 doubles and had a clean sweep (6-0, 6-4, and 7-5). During their last round, Kendall and Anna were losing 2-5, yet they came together and said, “We don’t want to lose this match,” and decided, “[They] were going win that match, but it was going to be a mental battle.” With that determination, “[They] came back and won five straight IMG_1854games in a row and beat the team 7-5,” said Kendall with a smile on her face. With that they clenched the title of 2015 Sunset League Champions and “finished with a bang” as Kendall put it. Overall, the Varsity squad is 20-1 and 9-0 in league. They are now ranked #2 in OC and #5 in CIF Division 1. Varsity will be confidently going into CIF Individuals this coming week. Good Luck, Varsity Tennis!

29th Annual Spirit Run

FullSizeRender-1Newport Harbors 29th annual spirit run was yet again a success. This run is always an amazing way to connect with members of the community while also supporting our outstanding school. We decided to interview some participants to see what they thought of the run. Sammy Kerrigan, a sophomore was able to take part in the 5k feature race and exclaimed "I liked the energy and excitement of everyone around me and yes I would do it again." Amelia Bruscia explains that she loved participating in the spirit fun because "It helped me get exercise and stay in shape and I got to run with all my friends."           Another extraordinary aspect of this race is our color run! This is the second year the color run has taken place and it has been a favorite of many of the participants. Sophomore, Rachel Dangl says "I liked the color run because I did it with my friends and it was super fun to get covered in color." The color run is such an amazing event here at Newport harbor and shouldn't be missed by anyone! Don't forget to participate in this Newport Harbor event next year!

Gone but Not Forgotten

The Newport Harbor community lost a great member on October 19th, 2015. Mr. Daniel was a beloved history teacher and friend of many. His passion, and love for his students was greatly admired by his colleagues, and “…not only was he someone who spoke up for kids but he spoke up for his fellow teachers,” shares Mrs. Newman. Something that stood out to Mr. Robinson as a former student of his and now a fellow teacher, was the amount of importance his students’ opinions held for him and he always “let them have that moment of having their opinion have worth.” Mr. Daniel always encouraged his students to feel comfortable sharing their opinions “which I think is what being a good teacher is all about.” One of Mrs. Newman’s favorite memories of him was at a Cultural Diversity rally several years back, when he astonished his colleagues by getting “ out in the middle of the gym and… dancing in front of everyone.” This surprised her because it was something you would never expect from him, and it introduced her to a whole other side of him that she had never seen before. Mr. Daniel was a courageous man, a passionate teacher, and a beloved friend. He loved this school, and he worked hard to make it a better place. He will be greatly missed.

Marching to a New Beat

 DSC_0227-1Whether they’re playing their music in the stands at pep rallies, marching across Davidson’s field during half time at football games, or just practicing early in the morning, band is always entertaining the students and staff of NHHS! Just recently they took first place at one of their competitions because they never look anything less than professional and are always on time and in step while doing so. I had the chance of having an exclusive interview with some current band members and learned just how much work goes into their performances and what it felt like it seeing their hard work pay off. Senior and drum major, Natalia Tortorello says that “[they] practice everyday from seven to eight2015_MiraCosta_VS_232-150x150 in the morning and on Monday nights from six to nine” and that it’s “a lot of commitment”. She thinks that “football games are a lot of fun, because [the band] gets to relax and play pep songs” and that it gives them a break from their busy practice schedule. Besides showing their spirit at sports events, band’s recent win at competition made Natalia proud in succeeding “under [her] leadership” alongside Senior and drum major, Henry Lopez who claimed that “it was honestly, the most beautiful feeling” he had ever experienced and that “[he] almost cried at the award ceremony”. Both drum majors want “to gain better leadership skills and experiences” as well as 2015_MiraCosta_VS_207-150x150learn how “to lead a group many different individuals” to their best ability as the year progresses. As football season comes to a close, band will continue to compete during their concert season and wow everyone who watches!  

Got Halloween Costumes?

Halloween is one of the very few nights in which we are able to dress up as whatever or who ever we like and get candy for doing so.  From detailed makeup looks, to crazy clothing, the costume possibilities are endless.  There’s the pumpkin carvings, terrifying decorations, to even just watching scary movies in honor of Halloween. Let’s be honest though, what we mostly care about for Halloween are the costumes. There are the types of costumes that will haunt our dreams from that day forth, to creative costumes that when you first gaze upon it you don’t understand what you are looking at until they explain the concept to you. To help get into the Halloween spirit we asked students on campus what they are planning on being for this Halloween.

Stephanie Ramirez- I asked around the students of Newport Harbor to see what they were going to be for Halloween this year. I asked Joellez Lopez what she was going to be and she said that “she was going to be Stacy from an Extremely Goofy Movie” since the movie was a favorite of hers. IMG_0438
  • I then proceeded to ask her what plans she had for Halloween to show off this costume which she then replied that she was going to trick or treat and how it did not matter how scary a house looked “if it had candy [she] was there.”
I also asked Anthony Agama what he was going as for Halloween and he answered by telling me his plans to “be blackmail by dressing in all black and having mail attached” which was meant to show his download (6)creativity. I also asked him what his plans were for the Halloween to which he responded that every year on Halloween he “trick or treats and [he] tries to fill a pillowcase of candy. [He] also likes to go with friends and walk around the haunted houses nearby and walk in the mazes and just have fun and enjoy the night.” He makes a great point that even though costumes are a big part of Halloween it’s also about enjoying yourself no matter what you are wearing.

Jordan Golden- Another creative costume idea was dressing up as the "Taylor Swift Squad". Commonly referred to as "squad goals" (pictured from left to right), Hannah Hobrecht, Juliana Martinez, Holly Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 4.08.49 PMTaylor_Swift_Bad_BloodNance, Blake Ling, and Sara Grams imitated this talented group of celebrities featured in Taylor Swift's Bad Blood music video . Hobrecht was Selena Gomez, Martinez was Gigi Hadid, Nance was Taylor Swift, Ling was Zendaya, and Grams was Karlie Kloss.


The Mousetrap

To kick off this years theatrics the drama department collaborated with Culinary to put on an innovative rendition of Agatha Christies "Mousetrap". Directed by Chris Surridge and produced by Special Arrangement with Samuel French Inc., the play airs on October 2nd and 3rd. This fun-filled murder mystery really helped to get us all into the Halloween spirit! "The Mousetrap" follows Mollie and Giles Ralston in their new adventure open up their guest house, where them and their guests get snowed in; little did they know, someone in the house was a killer! Although it was hard work, all of it paid off in the end. According to Surridge, "It was an odyssey-directing and acting in the longest running show in theatrical history. It grew strained at times but for the most part it was a pleasure--working with fellow actors and tech to create a beautiful work of art to be presented entirely by the student population. I learned all aspects of tech and dealing with actors as well as external affairs such as promotion and the added dinner aspect (to which Culinary was a wonderful addition)." I, for one, hope to see more dinner theater from Newport Harbor this year. Overall "The Mousetrap" was a huge success. Make sure to come to the drama departments next show so you won't miss any of the action.

German & Sweden Exchange Students 1st Homecoming


Important note: This article was written by the exchange students that Newport Harbor is privileged to host.  
  What would you think about going to a foreign country and experience events that don’t exist in your home country? How would you feel before a school event, would you be scared, excited or nervous? These are thoughts that crossed our minds before experiencing something completely foreign. We are two exchange students from Germany and Sweden and we are going to write about our thoughts and feelings about experiencing our first homecoming dance.IMG_2606 Since we don’t have homecoming dances in Germany and Sweden we had no idea what to expect. Our only knowledge was based on American teenage movies and they are not always very reliable. Before the actual dance we both felt nervous, curious, and excited. To be honest, we were kind of stressed out. We didn’t know what to wear or how to do our hair and makeup. Lucky, we had friends that could help with explaining the dresscode. We helped each other get ready; we curled our hair, did our makeup and painted our nails. In the IMG_7726meantime, we were listening to music and just getting ready, which was a lot of fun. We arrived at homecoming  and our first impression was that it looked extremely fancy and unique. We were both ready and excited to experience our very first homecoming dance. We met our other friends there and all danced to the music that the DJ was playing. There was a variety of good food and desserts, such as chocolate fountain, brownies, and cookies. We also took a lot of fun pictures in the Photo Booth with our friends. The photos are a great way to remember this night. To summarize, we had a great time and this was a really nice American experience. We are grateful that we got to experience something that doesn’t exist in our home countries and we both fell asleep with a huge smile that night.


Club Rush is an annual tradition that invites clubs just beginning or long established to advertise there clubs. Club rush is truly a rush of people running around looking at all the poster and tables put up by different clubs. The tables are elaborately decorated and usually adorned with a bowl of candy in order to entice the students, even though some students only came to get some extra credit from their teachers. Whether they wanted to be there or not there were close to 300 students swarming around tables in a confined space, shouting and campaigning and club leaders forcing putting stickers on an arm or a back of a student passing by. There were many impressive clubs present at Club Rush, but a few stood out above the rest. Stand Up to Cancer was one of the stand outs. It is led by junior Chandler Simonsma. Although this was there inaugural year they had big plans for the year. They plans help get the students and the school involved and aware of cancer. They also planned to raise money to find a cure. They only have 2 members at the moment they are part of the Stand Up to Cancer foundation, which is a nationwide organization. Stand Up to Cancer meets ever Tuesday. Another stand out was Becketts Buddies. The goal of Brecketts Buddies is to, “spread awareness of cystic fibrosis and to get more people involved,” said president, junior Trudy Padden. She was inspired to start this club after a child from her neighborhood was diagnosed with this disease. They fundraise and spread awareness of this terrible disease. Every year they do a walk at Angel Stadium supporting the cure for cystic fibrosis. They meet once a month. There were too many amazing clubs that it was difficult to narrow it down to only a few stand outs. The impressive amount of students that put so much time and effort into there club was astounding. Club Rush is an excellent opportunity for everyone to get involved in their school in some way or another.